Wheelstanding Firehawk

No Prep is no problem for the ‘Blackhawk’ Pontiac Firehawk.

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Singapore Auto dealership

A.I.M.S. in Singapore houses 60 supercars for sale in their state of the art vertical parking garage/showroom.

More info.

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Ferry crash

A large ferry boat crashed into a dock in the Dominican Republic. An amazing demonstration of the power of kinetic energy in a large mass in motion.


Alternate POV

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Table top beer taps – fave

Look how pathetic the American light lagers look. Headless, almost colorless… looking like piss. Pathetic.

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Fetching omnicopter

The multirotor vehicle used in the demonstration is an omni-directional eight-rotor vehicle. Its unique actuator configuration gives it full force and torque authority in all three dimensions, allowing it to fly novel maneuvers.

The video description reads like the Turbo Encabulator.

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IBM’s Voice Recognition System

Old video brought into today’s world.

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Si-cay-dah, si-cah-dah.  Another one of the world’s cutest creatures. It appears that cicadas are a repeating food source for the insect eating creatures that inhabit the same space. For a short while, anyway. At least they don’t hide under your bed and drive you crazy at night.


Brood VI 17-Year Cicadas Due in Spring of 2017

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Those fascinating and repeating Jiffs have returned for another showing of what they can do|what they can do|what they can do.

Hit it.

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World’s fastest SUV

230.02 MPH Record Run Driven by Carl Edwards

Please read the description.

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Mounting a tire with ether

Sometimes it takes more than one try to get the job done.

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Coin operated ride

Red Green creates a way to raise money for the lodge, 10¢ at a time.

[stop at 2:49]

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Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM – fave

While devoting ourselves to the ‘Noble’ pursuit of perfecting the flavor of Noble Hops we’ve been exploring Noble Gasses as well.

Lightened from heavier gases like CO2, HeliYum takes advantages of the properties of helium — one of the noble gases — for a truly remarkable brew. Helium’s unique index of refraction creates brilliant clarity while providing an incredibly light mouth feel. Since Helium is an odorless gas, it doesn’t compete with the natural aromas of the ingredients. From a freshness perspective, helium doesn’t oxidize which allows for a much longer shelf life.

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The Orville trailer

The Star Trek Discovery series is still a few months out before airing on CBS. But until then, we’ve got what looks like the next best thing: Seth MacFarlane’s spoof of the franchise, The Orville.

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Makani’s first commercial-scale energy kite

In December 2016, Makani generated electricity with an energy kite designed to produce up to 600 kilowatts (kW) for the first time. Our largest kite to date, it measures 85 feet across, and has 8 onboard rotors that are each 7.5 feet in diameter. For comparison, our previous prototype Wing 7, was a 20 kW system measuring 25 feet across with 4 rotors 2.23 feet in diameter. Learn more about Makani by visiting: https://x.company/makani/

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Rhinoceros beetle gestation

This might be how they got the idea for the movie Alien.

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Excavator gets recycled

At the end of the nineties the bucket-wheel Excavator Rheinbraun 256 was scrapped after 40 years of use in the soft coal opencast mine Garzweiler in Germany. This video shows the controlled demolition.

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