Bizarre scenes from around the world

Fuzzy, blurry scenes often shown vertically still capture our interest.


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Trophy truck test run

View from the pace car.

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Pipes on the beach

Giant pipe segments have washed up on the coast of Norfolk, UK. The 8ft (2.4m) diameter plastic pipes, with the longest beached segment 1,574ft (480m) long, washed up at Winterton and Sea Palling. They came loose as they were being towed to Algeria for a large project.

They should use TNT to blow the pipes into smithereens. Such as in this case:

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It’s Sunday and we are sitting fat, dumb and happy in the low 80s and loving it here in Flatland. No rain scheduled (predicted) until next Thursday. Indoors, on the desktop or laptop computer, it is equally nice. Because Slinks. Look at ’em all. Just look.

Nice Pics

Nice Cars


A tour of the moon [4:39]

The future of trucking [6:54]

Why Chinese manufacturing wins [11:03]

Scariest tornado [10:16]

Screaming, bouncing hydrogel balls [1:48]


Ad for the 2012 Olympic Games [2:40]

Pinky and the Brain [1:28]

Meet the Medic [4:09] Team Fortress

Three ’70s classics

Looking Glass – Brandy [2:44]

Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride [3:42]

Green Eyed Lady – Sugarloaf [6:49]

And this one
Europe On Off [2:45]


Heavy metal geezer [0:10]

Grown man vs. crab [0:03]

Curb your rioting [0:26]


Is Beer Getting Too Complex? Bud Light Thinks So

No more talking shit in Sam Smith’s pubs

Hop vodka for beer

* Jiffs *


Best table run in 8-ball pool [5:47]

The Kriss Vector [6:59] – FPSRussia – remember him?

2017 MLB ejections [9:25]

.50 cal vs. railroad track [7:43]

Sleepers! [6:35] – Muscle Car of the Week

DiResta prop gold bricks [6:00]

Interstate showdown – action scene from Sicario [4:09]

We rode in a Monster Truck [4:40]

The chair split [0:35]

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good [8:06]

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Frankly speaking

Could there ever be a more perfect summer than this? A few days in the 90s, a couple of really windy days, no hail, but the early tornadoes did their damage and left. Nothing but peace and scattered rain since then. But sad to say, the next brood of goddam crickets will be upon us before you know it.

To punctuate this great summer, a solar eclipse will make an arced path from Oregon to Georgia. Our nearest vantage point would be in St. Louis, but we’ll stay home to witness what we can see.

My wife and I witnessed an eclipse back in the early ’90s, viewing it through a welding mask that I bought for a class at the junior college. The eclipse was awesome enough through the dark glass and what our surroundings looked like without the mask was quite spooky. The sky took on a different tinge and the greens of the grass and leaves looked very odd, almost like Armageddon was upon us.

The search for a replacement truck is slow getting started. Searches online and a look through local dealers’ lots all have trucks that are way out of the budget, but they sure look nice. Just understand that the Mighty Tundra is not a rust bucket. There are certain areas of concern, surely, but chances are, she’ll be my basic transport for quite some time. Ya never know… something may come up.

Why another truck at age 70? Because trucks are in my blood. If I can’t utilize it to my own advantage, it’ll be there for any of the kids or friends who want to haul materials or goods from one place to another. Also, based on driving my wife’s Cruze, it’s always nice to step DOWN when getting out rather than stepping up. Looking fr some Chevy product, but not particularly one of their 5-cylinder-powered “small” trucks. (Four is not enough and six is too much.) Who the hell drives on 5 cylinders?

Life is tough when your shit wears out and there’s not enough money to buy new. But when you think of it, life is tough everywhere, and for many, there’s no money at all to think about. And then you wear out.


I plan on putting in some tome on Sunday to get the 2011 Weekly Babes restored. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for visiting. And as odd as it may seem, I still love doing this shit.

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Blue Collar Brew – – Founders DKML Imperial Malt Liquor

I walked into my local nottle shop earlier this week and heard my name called. “We got your beer, the one you asked for.” It could only be Founders’ new release, DKML Imperial Malt Liquor. Sure as shit, there was four-pack sitting on the top shelf with the exact price that the brewery recommended when I first read about it almost a month ago.

Well, whaddya know. Founders made a malt liquor. Visions of Billy Dee Williams instantly come to mind. Malt liquor has been around for decades and has been reduced to those plastic, screw-top 40-ounce bottles down at the bottom of the beer store’s cooler.

I have never had malt liquor before and thought it would be a good idea to get a sixer or four-pack or however they come in order gain some taste experience in general and to provide a comparison to the beer at hand. But try to buy Colt 45 or Schlitz Malt Liquor and you’d be hard pressed to find them. I couldn’t find any in town and I wonder if they even make ’em anymore.

Three beverage names have always given me thought. Ginger Ale is not an ale, while Ginger Beer is also not an ale nor is it a beer. Both are soft drinks, although ginger beer is fermented, it usually has less than .5% alcohol. Look here. Malt Liquor is not liquor but a beer. It’s brewed with more corn than malt but is not called Corn Liquor. And Certs is two mints in one. So many deceptions. We’re not here to debate names. We’re here to drink beer. Or is it liquor?

I really didn’t know what to expect with this DKML. I didn’t even know what the letters stood for. What I know is that most malt liquors vary from 5% to 8%+ alcohol and that the one I had here was about twice that. 14.2% alcohol. I had better be careful.

With desk chair seat belt fastened, I uncapped the first bottle.

Poured straight into a shaker glass, the liquid looked like your traditional yellow beer. The head came up loosely knit and then diminished to some slight foam coating the surface of the beer. Carbonation consisted of tiny micro-bubbles with a few larger ones scattered here and there. The aroma was slight, smelling a tad bit like sweet hops.

The fist sip made me wince. Holy shit this stuff is strong! A bonfire instantly started in my stomach. Big mouthfeel, big sweetness and a whole bunch of fusel alcohol. Pick one: acetone, magic marker, rubbing alcohol. Mix it with a beer and you have this DKML. I’ll admit though, that the second sip was less intense, but it still gave me a bit of trepidation about finishing this glassful and starting another just for the sake of taking pictures.

I’ve had my fair share of high alcohol beers, DFH’s 120 Minute and World Wide Stout, Sam Adams Utopias and Founders’ Devil Dancer. All of those beers at least tasted like beer more or less. DKML tastes like a shot and a beer all rolled into one glass. The alcohol taste is so overwhelming that it detracts from the flavor of your basic malt liquor.

The base beer is an overly sweet concoction with hints of wood from the aging in bourbon barrels. Any other slight flavors are masked by the alcohol. Personally, I see no good reason for this beer to exist. With the proliferation of various 40s from various breweries, malt liquor in and of itself is designed to give the drinker the cheapest drunk quickly. DKML does it on a much grander scale.

One does not have a patio party and offer guests this beer. It wouldn’t make sense. Quite possibly, the first sip would get spat out, not that it tasted bad, but rather that it would be too strong for the palate. Maybe both. I bought this beer out of curiosity and with the intention of advising craft beer drinkers of the pros and cons of DKML.

I discovered from a few sources what the DKML letters stand for; “Dick Kicker Malt Liquor.” It does stand up to the name because that’s what it does. Buy this beer if you are curious as to how it tastes. You may wind up giving two of the bottles away.

I really didn’t like this beer and had trouble choking down the last few ounces. There is no comparison to any craft beer styles other than the other malt liquors. I doubt that there are any malt liquor connoisseurs out there and if there are, They’re all sitting on the front porch or wherever, chatting up their opinions of the bottle they each have in their paper bag.

I can proudly say that I have tasted this beer, bag or not. I also have to give Founders some credit for having the balls to actually brew this beer and putting it up for sale. Please exercise caution when having more than one 12-ounce bottle of DKML. You have been warned.

The SixPackTech summary for DKML Imperial Malt Liquor:

Style: Malt Liquor
Taste: Too sweet, with a shitload of alcohol taste.
Smoothness: The alcohol will rasp after a while.
Bang for the buck: Depends on how you feel when you buy it.
Amount paid: $14.99 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles.
Get it again? Nope.
ABV: 14.2%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (The wife begged off tasting based on two facts: “malt liquor” and “14.2%.” She chickened out.)

Ratings on Untappd.

What is malt liquor? [3:42]

DKML review by Draft Therapy [12:11] – if interested.

Don Knotts (D.K.)

Mona Lisa (M.L.)

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Inside Google

NatGeo documentary about the inner workings of our present day, don’t be evil, big brother.  Inside Google.


Video link.

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Photoshop Phonies

Fakes, phonies, doctored, altered. They’re all the same. Except for the one that’s merely been modified.

Hit it.

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A bunch of swifties to finalize the week.

B-2 eclipse

Dirty drift

A very close shave

Louisiana Saturday Night at the Walmart paint department

Meanwhile in the Middle East

Afghan police training – fave

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NASCAR wrecks

Five big wrecks at Watkins Glen by the left-turn guys.

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Buick flamethrower

Wild 40 Buick sled at the Rat Rod Magazine Build Off in Grafton Illinois. All it does is blow flames. Applause. Please applaud. More, please.

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Death of a notebook

Complete notebook destruction by angry and evil Legos!

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I Be-Weave salon – fave

Featuring hairdresser Shocantelle Brown.

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SFX showreel

Various special effects and CGI are demonstrated in this “Look what we can do” showreel.

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Another Chinese multi-implosion

A total of 19 buildings in Wuhan’s downtown area were demolished by five tons of explosives at one-time in only 10 seconds. No audio until 1:15 or so.

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Mouse plague

When mice run out of food in Streaky Bay, Australia, it leads to a mouse plague of Biblical proportions. The sea is the only place safe from the rising tide of rodents.

It’ll make your skin crawl.

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