Ragdoll Man

What the heck?!

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Naptime! – fave

With this product, your kids will cooperate fully.

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Chase scene

The opening scene from the movie End of Watch.

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Average guy vs. football players

Sports video from 8 years ago where sportscasters poke massive fun at a fellow staff member.

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Remembering Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan celebrated his 55th birthday last Saturday, Feb. the 17th.

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Moose fight

A fight between two moose was captured on video in a quiet suburb of Anchorage, Alaska in 2015. Male moose tend to be more aggressive during this time of year, their annual rut cycle, when they spend virtually all their energy looking for females to impress and mate with.

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I think we’ve finally crested the hill and are now on the backside of winter. (That didn’t sound right.) You know what I mean. Each evening the sun sets a bit later than it did the day before. There’s less and less bite in the air as the days go by and the car warms up much quicker than it did a week or so ago. Daylight Saving Time begins in four weeks. By the time St. Pat’s Day rolls around, we should have all our clocks and devices reading the correct time. But… does anybody really know what time it is?! Does anybody really care?!

Photos of Carnival 2018 Around the World

Odd pics

SpaceX’s amazing camera shots [5:13]

Manufacturing 2.0 – the robot revolution [9:11]

How overnight shipping works [11:13]

All about iFixit and their teardown team [13:44]

 Journey of an asteroid [3:40]

Ford’s Twist Wrist steering [3:19]
(Narrator incorrectly calls it Wrist Twist.)

Guns found here [10:05]


Pinched [11:14]

Multi-vehicle pileup crashes [6:58]


Boney M’s Rasputin on a 100-year-old organ [2:45]

Cellphone ringtones on piano [2:46]


Road rage incident [0:40]

Intel office joke [0:30]

Bork Souls [0:21]


Red Stripe saves the day for bobsledders

True history of the IPA [5:55]

* Jiffs *


You want to work on the pipeline?! [8:13]

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday [11:25]

.22 cal Phillips screwdriver mod [12:15]

DiResta Ithaca 37 mod [5:44]

Here’s the Scoop [6:14] – Muscle Car of the Week

Crazy moments at the Nürburgring – Nordschleife [8:47]

Best MMA KOs [8:04]

Atomic bomb compilation [5:38]

Racy Business [2:31]

ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man [4:24] – MTV style

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Frankly speaking

I’ve decided to pull the plug on the Weekly Pinup Babes. Every Saturday I find myself taking more and more time to find an image that we haven’t used before, all the while scrolling through page after page of pics we’ve seen or pics that are too small.

The Pinups have been the least voted on relative to the other Weekly Babes. Second least are the B&W Babes. I don’t mind doing the work as long as there’s a reasonable chance of finding some good content.

I’ve posted a rudimentary poll in the sidebar where you can check your preference on the Pinup Babes. Feel free to comment about the Pinups in any post or send an email to SixPackTech@gmail.com.

The Mighty Tundra suffered another setback during the snowstorm we had a week ago last Friday. I had gone out to the LBS to pick up some brewskis and returned home. I was going to pick up the wife of my life from her work, but she decided to hoof it home in the snow. She works about 150 yds. or 0.13716 kilometers away from home.

The following Sunday afternoon, my wife went to a play with our sons to Oakbrook. I was home alone contemplating whether or not to make it an underpants and beer day while she was away, but daughter-in-law and grandson drove up with a snowblower to clear our driveway.

I was asked to move my truck. I handed the kid my keys Thinking he’d get a big charge out moving a truck a couple of feet. But… sunnovabitch, the damn truck wouldn’t start. One door was frozen shut. Getting in from the passenger side, I reached over and inserted the key in the ignition switch. Nothing. Not a click, not a dimming of lights. Nothing. No lights. No noise. I immediately suspected the muffler battery.

I placed a request with my Service Manager son for a new battery. (“No problem. I gotta guy.”) The battery was replaced four days later. The Tundra is all well and good and I’m waiting on a bill for services rendered.

With my truck going on 16 years old, it has become more and more urgent to talk about financing a new vehicle for this old man. The questions float around… do you really want another truck? What will you be hauling at your age? Yes. I REALLY WANT ANOTHER TRUCK, if for anything, it’s to haul my casket to the graveyard. Enough said.

I really like the looks of the Colorado, although a Silverado would allow them to shut the tailgate on the coffin in the bed.

Thanks for stopping by. Yep. I still love doing this shit.

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Croft – a fan film

A woman will risk everything to save a young girl held hostage in the mountains by a group of mercenaries.


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Photoshop Phonies

Faux imagery is topic of the day each Friday. Some pics are faux. Some are not faux but fake. And that’s faux sho.

Hit it.

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Quickies return for final appearances. They’re fast. Not like supercharged or turbo fast, but more like nooner fast. A couple of minutes and they’re done. But it’s wonderful. Shall we do it again this Sunday?!

Most bizarre store robbery

A spider’s 40 seconds of fame

Fun at the tattoo parlor

Jet ski with Hayabusa engine

This is what really happens when you shift into reverse at 40mph

What’s this country called?

The collapse of the roof of the Vikings Metrodome – fave

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IMCF best hits

A collection of Clips from the International Medieval Combat Federation World Championships held in Denmark 2017.

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Aussie Dinghy Derby

Has to be the best race on earth, enjoy this edit of all the best moments of the race from the creeks and the crashes.

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Skiing robots compete

Eight teams vie for $10,000 prize in first event of its kind alongside Olympics.

Reminds me of these guys.

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Logs to lumber – fave

An up close and personal look at the complete sawmilling process at a mill in Colville, WA.


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Bad railroad tracks

Noodle tracks. It’s amazing that these machines can still use them.

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