Drilling rig pipe connection

Roughnecks at work smoothly running a kelly drive drilling rig exploring for oil. They’re making a connection or “pipe stab” to continue drilling downward. You can see why this job is high risk and requires concentration and skill.

These guys gotta be strong so they can make those big bucks. Still, it’s a killer workout.


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Lawnmower dragster

Red Green turns some junk from the storage shed into something completely different.

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Volkswagen’s Trailer Assist – fave

The horses really don’t help here.

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US Navy three carrier formation in the western Pacific

WESTERN PACIFIC (Nov. 12, 2017) The aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and their strike groups are underway, conducting operations, in international waters as part of a three-carrier strike force exercise. The U.S. Navy has patrolled the Indo-Asia Pacific region routinely for more than 70 years promoting regional security, stability and prosperity.

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Rocket powered birthday cake cutter

This invention makes cakes more sanitary and easier to serve. It uses rocket science.


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Anvil drop

YouTube channel drops an anvil on a number of American light lagers in cans. It’s hard to dislike this video.

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Musket: 3 shots in 46 seconds

This musket, and variants, were used by the British Army from the early 1700s until the 1800s. Please note, the cartridge would have contained the musket ball. It was not put in separately. To load and fire the flintlock musket the soldier had to carry out a set sequence of movements. First, he bit one end off a paper cartridge containing powder and musket-ball. He dribbled a small amount of powder into the priming pan, and clicked the steel (a metal plate which the flint would strike) back to cover it.

Quite difficult if crouched behind a rock for cover. Beware of the hang fire.

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Humpday Honeys – Bottoms Up!

The ladies assume a very vulnerable position. The camera is situated not where it should be.

View image set.

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Giant revolver and escaping gases

A simple experiment where we show how much pressure comes out of the cylinder gap of a revolver- also how much comes out of the muzzle brake of this .460 S&W revolver.

We posted Taofledermaus’ video about this gun in the Slinks last Sunday. Here it is, in case you missed it. [7:09]

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Sexual In-Your-Endo

An office party goes about as planned.

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Cajun smoked turkey

Yoder smoker

Smoked Turkey Recipe with a cajun turkey brine, seasoning and injection smoked on a Yoder Pellet Smoker.

Trying to spark a little imagination and creativity for the upcoming Feast de Resistance. I don’t think that’s a word.


The recipe is in the YT description.

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Mixed signals – fave

A fight in silence for the upper hand. A little bit silly.

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Extreme CGI police chases

Someone has a great interest in physics/destruction while also possessing a damn good graphics engine.


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Volkswagen crash tests

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan driver-side small overlap crash – GOOD

2017 Volkswagen Jetta passenger-side small overlap crash – ACCEPTABLE

There are so many variables here. How do they get the car to travel the distance and get up to speed and then precisely hit the marks taped on the hood? And who cleans up the mess afterward?

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Old tech

This shit blew our minds ten years ago.

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Evolution of the Jeep 4×4 Utility Vehicle

The original 4×4 utility vehicle by Jeep. First manufactured during World War II, it evolved post-war into the civilian Jeep CJ, and inspired both an entire category of recreational 4WDs and several generations of military light utility vehicles.

Today, it seems as if they’ve lost their way. The original Jeep went the same way that the Ford Bronco did.

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