Two bizarre phenomena caught on camera that cannot be explained with taking a class or two.

The disc

Batteries and magnets – homopolar motors

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Fun with a silicone implant

Amazing. Silicone outer and silicone inner. Feels just like… I may have to get one of these to keep on my desk. You know, for stress relief.

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Bighorn sheep scrotums

Steven Rinella gives Joe Rogan a nature lesson involving big horn sheep ball sacs.

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Humpday Honeys – Buxom Beauties

The well endowed ladies should appreciate the engineers who designed their support garments. There’s a lot of physics going on under the blouses and sweaters. Much like a jock strap or athletic supporter, the undergarments for these ladies are doing double duty.

View image set.

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Veyron vs. Rimac

What the heck is a Rimac? It’s an all-electric supercar from Croatia. Called the Rimac Concept One, it utilizes a hefty battery pack and four electric motors (one per wheel) to achieve impressive speed and acceleration.

In the video, the Rimac goes up against a Bugatti Veyron. The results are impressive. A rematch will be scheduled when the weather gets warmer.

Read more.

Visit the Rimac site.

Thanks, Terry.

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2D run

Top down video of runners give us a weird and interesting view of action in two dimensions.


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2017 BMW 3 series crash test

Small overlap. The crash was GOOD. It was a good crash. I’m waiting for the IIHS to rate a crash as GREAT! Now that would be something.

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Texas brisket chili

Using some leftover smoked brisket to create a Homemade Texas Brisket Chili recipe.


Recipe is in the YT description here.

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Sticking and correcting – fave

A small problem is fixed by Mother Superior. And then corrected by the nuns who know.

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Penguins vs. rope

Penguins trying to figure out how to cross a length of rope strung above ground is best described by an Aussie.

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Introducing Google Grass

The world’s first organic server farm. In taxless Ireland.

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Tire fire in Taiwan

Zhongli, Taiwan – Knowing the nature of tire fires, this is still ongoing as you you read it. The fire will probably burn for a few more weeks. Pollution levels are set back 5 years at least.

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived and it had small bumps covering it all over. It was sent from Rubella Hills , Illinois.

Hit it.

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’55 Chevy V2.0

You better keep an eye out for this 1955 Bel Air during the 2017 racing season, aka The ’55 2.0! He’s quickly making a name for himself.


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Leno’s Stanley Steamer

Jay takes his steam-powered 1906 Stanley Steamer, the oldest in his garage, for a spin.

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Double faves

Faves times 2 for Tuesday.

Graffiti condom

Exploding whale

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