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Duck Hunt XL

With this installation, Duck Hunt is played in real life with two persons. One person moves the duck by flapping and moving around with a duck suit. The other person shoots with a large scale NES zapper!

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NASA reinvented the wheel

Mars destroys tires — so NASA reinvented the wheel by giving it a memory. These rover tires are made from a nickel-titanium alloy. A material that can be deformed and return back to shape. The super-elastic material allows it to … Continue reading

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iPhone 8 – innovative camera

Presented in glorious, real life CGI. This looks like the solution to a problem that didn’t exist until now. Mind your volume.

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Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Bob Simon of 60 Minutes, back in 1999, interviewed Jeff Bezos, a self-described nerd, who founded, the world’s largest Internet bookstore. [13:12] Video link. Inside the Amazon Empire [42:31] Video link.

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Special news for Mac users

A software flaw in Mac OS 10.13.1 High Sierra allows any user to log into a Mac system (running that software) using the user name “root”. This root account grants the individual access to to ALL other accounts on the … Continue reading

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Comcast comments on Net Neutrality

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A computer vision system walks through Times Square

This is a state of the art object detection framework called NASNet from Google Research using Tensorflow. I took the following video and fed it through Tensorflow NASNet model, this isn’t running on an embedded device yet.

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A Net Neutrality reminder

Ajit Pai is set to wield the Trump hammer and do away with Obama’s Net Neutrality. We have until Dec. 14th to once again, do something. So as not to interrupt your daily viewing of SPT, here is John Oliver, … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics’ Atlas

This is nothing short of mind blowing. What a great time to be alive. And the little dog, too.

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Rebar binder

Binding rebar prior to a concrete pour on an overpass or bridge can be back breaking work. Here are a couple of alternatives where new tools and robots are a workman’s relief. DF 16 Rebar binder by Wacker Neuson And … Continue reading

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Old tech

This shit blew our minds ten years ago.

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Sorting bot army

The use of sorting robots improves efficiency, accuracy and security during the sorting process and also saves 70% of manual work, dramatically reducing labor costs. This “AI and logistics” model is now sweeping across the express delivery industry. From China. … Continue reading

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Autonomous weapons

Watch a clip from the movie made by campaigners to ban the development of autonomous weapons. The short, disturbing film is the latest attempt by campaigners and concerned scientists to highlight the dangers of developing autonomous weapons that can find, … Continue reading

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Raytheon Sarcos Exoskeleton – fave

From 2008.

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Cassie robots

Engineers at Oregon State University are creating the next generation of bipedal robots. Called Cassie, these bipedal robots look like emus without necks and heads. Two of them go for a stroll. More about the work: Our favorite robot so … Continue reading

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Waymo’s self-driving cars

Waymo’s self driving minivans – the Chrysler Pacifica – hit public roads for the first time in Mountain View, CA and Phoenix, AZ by the end of the month. The project is a collaboration between Google and Fiat Chrysler. Google … Continue reading

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