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How not to break a Mars Rover

The Mars Yard, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is one of the closest simulations of Mars that we’ve got. Admittedly, there’s a bit more atmosphere and gravity, but it’s the only way to test what might happen before sending commands … Continue reading

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Virtual destruction – fave

Physics and CGI. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets sued. No mess to clean up. [5:49]

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Smart TV spying

This last weekend, WikiLeaks published new documents showing how CIA exploits could turn Samsung Smart TVs into remote bugs. It raises a hard question: can Smart TVs ever be secure?

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World’s first VTOL electric plane tested

Cold Fusion educates us on the world’s first vertical takeoff and landing jet that’s powered by batteries. Looks promising. Flying car?? [5:27]

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Injured bots learn to limp

Another red flag for the AI robot takeover coming. Okay, Google. What is AI? (Rhet…)

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Kitty Hawk Flyer

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations. We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over … Continue reading

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Computer start in library – fave

Slow boot perhaps?

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Sacrificial robot vs. volcano

Alistair Grinham of University of Queensland and Matthew Dunbabin of Queensland University of Technology and Director of GFB Robotics—to once again venture about 20 miles off the coast of the Solomon Islands to the Pacific Ocean’s violent Kavachi underwater volcano.

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The new Google Earth

The whole world is now in your browser. Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of … Continue reading

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How hard drives work

Detailing the generations of engineers, material scientists, and quantum physicists who influenced the creation of this incredibly powerful and precise tool. [5:11]

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From our early garage-days to the present, take a ride with us as we look back at some of our finest moments to-date. The power of the garage.

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Drone vs. lightning

At the University of Manchester’s High Voltage Laboratory, we see what happens when a DJI Phantom 3 drone gets hit with an electrical impulse of 1.4MV – basically, a lightning strike. – Tom Scott

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Chinese warehouse bots

They look like Amazon’s orange shelf-transporter bots but these Roombas carry a lighter load. A contrast of efficiency. Be careful where you step. Something similar but different in Norway

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What happens when you steal a hackers computer

A story about computers and police and why it’s good to be a hacker. From Defcon 18, 2010 [21:45] Video link.

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Masonry bots

Another look at how robots will replace bricklayers in the future. How much do you think those pointers make per hour?

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BattleBot battle

In the battle between Complete Control and Bombshell, one of these bots had complete control over the other. It soon becomes obvious.

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