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The Essential Phone first impressions

A fast, well crafted phone that might steal you away from the Pixel 2. The upstart phone, the new kid on the block. Read about it. Longer, better first impression. [7:22]

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Install a browser

Funny scene from the Britcom, The IT Crowd.

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Robot Wars: Top 15 battles

Sit back and watch these machines wreak havoc on one another. (Wreak Havoc. Great name for a metal band.) [46:44] Video link.

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Magnetic charging cable

Macbooks had these for years before Apple got bored and dumped them. Now some enterprising individual wants to do the same for smartphones. But what happens if you lose that little magnetic pip that plugs into the phone?

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A quick look at Nokia’s new Android phone

The Nokia 8 is stuffed full of all the top-end components you’d want in a flagship phone and comes wrapped in a gorgeous, glossy metal shell.

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Atlas robot gets a bit drunk

Atlas tries to get on with his job after a lunchtime session in the pub. Disclaimer: does not condone drunkenness. We condone knowing your limit and stopping when it’s reached. But this is damn funny.

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Inside Google

NatGeo documentary about the inner workings of our present day, don’t be evil, big brother.  Inside Google. [41:49] Video link.

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Robot battle – fave

This seemingly unbalanced wrestling match between two bots was recorded at the Robot Festival of Shibaura Intstitute of Technology in 2009.

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Always reboot first

This is why IT guys are so angry.

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Animatronic Lincoln

Garner Holt Productions, Inc.’s Abraham Lincoln expressive animatronic figure is the most advanced humanoid robotic head ever created. The figure utilizes theme park quality construction to accomplish incredible special effects movement in a robotic or animatronic human platform. Disney will … Continue reading

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Comparing Siri and Alexa

Guy gets caught up between two virtual females. Using Siri in an argument

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Handwriting bot

Impeccable, nice to watch. Want one? Look here.

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Triumph of the Nerds

Three parts on how computers took over the world. Three bits of history from years ago starting from Day 1. Bookmark or save for later. Part 1 [49:12] Video link. Part 2 [50:44] Part 3 [50:16]

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Hyperloop Phase 2 test

No info was given about the video. Hyperloop explained

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America’s giant fighting robot

This is Eagle Prime, America’s entrant into the Giant Robot Duel, in its first-ever live-fire combat trial. Eagle Prime is the first MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots, Inc. It weighs in at 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall, seats two, is … Continue reading

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Bowling bot

Chris Barnes takes on EARL – the Enhanced Automated Robotic Launcher – the new bowling robot at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington.

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