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Penguin fight night

A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin. Beaks and wings. Just like MMA.

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Sacrificial robot vs. volcano

Alistair Grinham of University of Queensland and Matthew Dunbabin of Queensland University of Technology and Director of GFB Robotics—to once again venture about 20 miles off the coast of the Solomon Islands to the Pacific Ocean’s violent Kavachi underwater volcano.

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Falcon vs. car

We raced a Gyrfalcon, the fastest level flying bird in the world against an automobile.

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Attenborough and some bird

David Attenborough is repeatedly upstaged by an excited Greater Bird of Paradise. Parrot doesn’t understand.

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90 ft. ash tree removal

Bit of knotless rigging and chunking out. Couldn’t drop big pieces because of the septic system and leech field between house and tree.

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Parkour gym

Guy builds his own climb-and-tumble gym out of plywood and pipe. Gibbon lives in his gym.

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Turkish Kangal dog

Here ya go, pet lovers. Get a hold of one of these dogs to rid your property of ne’er-do-wells, wolves, wild horses and dinosaurs.

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Clumsy penguins – fave

Jump. Fall. Shake it off. Jump again. Penguins are indomitable. They are also unforgiving.

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Australian helicopter cowboys

This is a new/old/fave video. It fell into the bin and can’t be saved for later it must be shown now. It’s that good.

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The bat – crocodile war

I knew that nature was cruel, but this is downright vicious.

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Baking bread in Iceland

This is not so much about the recipe, but rather the baking process that’s important.

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Sea lion volleyball

The secret is in the noses. And maybe some sort of gyroscopic sensing in the head like what some chickens got. (Ah. Perfect English.)

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Multitude of geese take flight and make a racket. They scare the children and fascinate the adults. Some shoot at them with shotguns.

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Carcass camouflage

The assassin bug is one of the most cunning predators in the micro world, gluing the exoskeletons of its prey to its back as camouflage.

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Dead gecko ant feast – fave

Ants have a feeding frenzy with a dead gecko in this time lapse video.

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Penguins vs. iceberg – fave

He’s up. No, wait… he’s back in. Two are up… but wait…

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