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ALS ice bucket challenge

When I first heard about the challenge, I thought it was a great idea. Then I started seeing hundreds of videos of different people trying to outdo the others with their challenge. Then I started thinking it was a fad. … Continue reading

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What does your IT guy do?

A scene from HBO’s Silicon Valley. Guy is interviewed casually for a potential job with the startup company. Video link. (Embedding disabled.)

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Defend Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler is the current chairman of the FCC. Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry. In late April of 2014 the contours of a document leaked … Continue reading

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Origins of memes

For all you Internet cruisers, here’s how many of the memes began.

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Clear history

Key and Peele: Guy’s wife confronts him about some goings-on with the family laptop.

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Redd… what?

Yeah. It’s like that.

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Social media experiment

Using the power of Social Media, Jack Vale freaked some people out by making them think he knew personal information about them. Social engineering. Another Jenga piece removed from the tower of privacy.

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Meme Hunters

Real life Good Girl Gina, Sheltered College Freshman, Bad Luck Brian, Overly Attached Girlfriend, !warning!… a cat or two in there… in a creepy house.

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Google Fiber vs. broadband

Google Fiber will be coming to Provo, UT October 2013. We should all be so lucky.

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The world without mobile

A somewhat cheesy but funny look at what daily life would be without smartphones and such.

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The Internet

A scene from The IT Crowd, a geek sitcom out of Britain. Great.

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Pop-up reality

Adblock Plus. Don’t go online without it.

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A stop motion adventure through the world of Instagram.

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I previewed today’s episode of EpicMealTime and decided it was silly and stupid. If you still would like to see it, click right here. In its place, I give you a nice time consuming interactive of Where am I? or … Continue reading

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Bouncing ball

Microsoft flings another mudpie at Google.

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Google Chrome Two Tab Effect

In the light of recent discoveries by renowned physicists, a dangerous phenomena capable of catastrophic destruction is unveiled. Authorities rushed to the media to warn the public about a potential flaw in one of the most beloved and popularly used … Continue reading

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