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Lawnmower dragster

Red Green turns some junk from the storage shed into something completely different.

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Rocket powered birthday cake cutter

This invention makes cakes more sanitary and easier to serve. It uses rocket science. [4:38]

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Sexual In-Your-Endo

An office party goes about as planned.

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Mixed signals – fave

A fight in silence for the upper hand. A little bit silly.

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When your girlfriend won’t let you out

So much wrong with everything about this relationship. The ending is just what we’d do if in the same situation.

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MLB WTF moments

Strange things happen on the ball field while you’re not watching. [9:26]

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Tyrone hates smoking

Tyrone’s gonna get his ass kicked.

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Kirkland Light

Guy auditions to be spokesperson for Kirkland Light Beer.

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Traffic stop

An Indian guy is pulled over for not coming to a complete stop. Reminiscent of this one from 1992. (It has not aged well.)

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Baba Yaga

A character in Russia goes around bringing smiles to peoples’ faces. Watch here. Music is by Parov Stelar – Booty Swing. Here it is overdubbed with Fred Astaire and his dance partner. Find it on iTunes or wherever the hell … Continue reading

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Knockers – fave

New restaurant trying to out-hoot Hooters needs a bit of work.

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Custom cup holder

Red Green invents a way to keep coffee in the cup during junk yard slaloms.

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The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting – animations

The Elegant Gentleman’s guide to Knife Fighting is an Australian sketch show- they came to me and said “you love Terry Gilliam, right?” Yes. Yes I do. I made them a bunch of animated bumpers, these are some of my … Continue reading

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Fun with mustard – fave

For this post, I direct you to the original from 2009. The videos may be a little smaller, but it’s better this way. Hit it.

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Reject social media and you become an outcast, a modern day pariah Carey.

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Same shit as always

That Norwegian guy, Apetor, has graced everyone with another video. This vodka swilling, cold weather lover may be weird, but he sure is happy. Recorded November 3-4, 2017 in Lindholmen in Tønsbergfjorden, Norway.

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