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Killing a spider

Some people just hate those eight-legged arachnids.

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100 people eat a raw oyster

These are all millennials here. Not afraid to be unpolite.

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Eat in 3 seconds – faves

Shrimps Dumplings

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Framing houses in Minnesota

Young guy tells what it’s like to get into carpentry and construction. [4:40]

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It started with the tree house elevator. That evolved into the motocycle rope swing. Finally, technological advances have allowed for this, the car swing.

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The Rock and Siri

You should never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate how much Dwayne Johnson can get done in a day with Siri. Follow the world’s busiest actor and Siri as they dominate the day. Apple promo. Let us not forget his role … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning in retirement

The star quarterback is spending his retirement learning new activities while making new friends — and enemies — at Sunset Acres Village. [4:23]

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Double faves

Yoda has a little trouble with his previous meal. Guy discovers some special bubble wrap at the office and has some fun with it.

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Aussie gun safety

Russell Coight teaches the kids a bit about gun safety dan unduh.

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Water in Majorca

My fair lady needs a beer. Of course we must…

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Is it normal?

The joys and mysteries of new parenthood.

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Building a birdhouse

Another schizophrenic moment.

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Born 5 years ago

Some people have a little trouble wrapping their heads around minor problems.

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Portable shade

Red Green shows us how to keep the car cool when you have to park where there’s no shade.

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Dog Wick

They messed with the wrong dog. Just a bit silly.

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The bathroom paradox

A microwave, a belligerent stomach and a mysterious alarm clock. Hmm…

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