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Plasma cutter in slo-mo

I take my plasma cutter, a slow motion camera and cut steel, stainless steel bar, and film it in Ultra Slow Motion to see exactly what’s going on during the plasma cutting process.

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Coin operated ride

Red Green creates a way to raise money for the lodge, 10¢ at a time. [stop at 2:49]

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Master of None carbonara

Binging with Babish. Guy has a way with food. Like he’s a chef or somethin’. [4:06]

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Bug zapper

Red Green creates some insect control using screen doors.

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Cubanos from Chef

Another take on the Cuban sandwich this time from Binging with Babish. He creates the Cubano sandwich that was featured in the 2014 movie Chef. This will make your mouth water. Recipe link.

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Trestle Jacks

TrestleJacks 30-Ton R22.5 Workshop is a specialized trailer lifting and standing device that utilizes driving motion from the tractor for lifting and lowering heavy load trailer axles. Once in the upright position TrestleJacks becomes an axle support stand with a … Continue reading

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Uniburr tool bit

The UNIBURR is a deburring tool bit that quickly repairs damaged bolts to thread nuts in place once more, saving you time and money. Kickstarter project is hosted here. They’re asking about $45 for the tool.

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How not to break a Mars Rover

The Mars Yard, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is one of the closest simulations of Mars that we’ve got. Admittedly, there’s a bit more atmosphere and gravity, but it’s the only way to test what might happen before sending commands … Continue reading

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Forging a pizza

The Essential Craftsman, the do-everything guy, cooks a pepperoni and mushroom pizza in his forge. 1600°.

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Handyman Corner

A much younger Red Green demonstrates how to perform an oil change on your car. [stop at 4:50]

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Tomato Sauce

Incredible and almost surreal way to make tomato sauce from You Suck At Cooking.

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Thumbturn bypass tool

This is a lock picking tool that has just been made available to locksmiths and security people. It won’t be long before the tool gets loose out in the wild and criminals get a hold of it. Especially vulnerable are … Continue reading

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Pin striping

Pin striping and airbrush legend Glen Weisgerber demonstrates how to pull lines and palette your brush in this special presentation. Consider him the Bob Ross of pin striping cars. [10:59]

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Calcio Storico

These are the rules of Calcio Storico (Calcio Fiorentino,) the most brutal and violent team sport in the world.

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An early Male Call scene from an early episode of Red Green. [stop at 2:46]

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How hard drives work

Detailing the generations of engineers, material scientists, and quantum physicists who influenced the creation of this incredibly powerful and precise tool. [5:11]

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