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Replacing the old homemade CNC machine

Follow along with Frank Howarth as he disassembles his hand-built CNC machine in preparation of receiving a new one. Part 1 [7:50] I have started a new relationship with CNC Router Parts LLC. This will start with me receiving a … Continue reading

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Changing a light bulb

Red Green and duct tape. ‘Nuff said.

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Texas brisket chili

Using some leftover smoked brisket to create a Homemade Texas Brisket Chili recipe. [6:21] Recipe is in the YT description here.

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Should you warm up your car before driving?

Fuel injected – no. Carbureted – yes. Humans – as long as it takes for the interior to get nice and toasty.

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L.L. Bean Boots

How they’re made.

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Red Green Show – Episode 1

How it all began The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Red demonstrates the belt sander. Harold discusses sex education and Bill teaches canoeing. [24:11] Link.

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DIY Hummer

Red Green builds a Hummer from two identical small cars. I discovered that this was already posted back in January of ’13. Therefore, consider it an inadvertent fave. Don’t matter, though.

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Pepperoni pizza dip

Super Bowl is getting nearer. Start planning. This appetizer looks absolutely delish. This recipe for two people is outlined in the video description here. Scale it up accordingly. Utilize your favorite conversion app to go from grams to ounces, milliliters … Continue reading

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Cables and ties – how to

Properly coiling a cable. Properly tying a Windsor knot.

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Filtered water system

Red Green shows us how to build a system for collecting and filtering drinking water.

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The perfectionist’s BLT

Kenji Lopez (!) guides us through the quintessential and perfect BLT sandwich build. They’re only made here at home when the tomatoes are worth eating. Absolutely delicious. And messy. [5:02]

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How to use toilets in Japan

Continuing our study of waste elimination around the world, we present a video of how the Japanese do it. I’m positive the Japanese ladies do not sit side-saddle.

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How to troubleshoot a PC

I have actually seen monitor screens like this loaded with shortcuts and icons and mystery destinations. I always commented, “Hey, you still have some room left for more icons.”

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T.P. vs. flushable wipes

Flushable wipes can’t decorate trees at Halloween. Avoid both and use a bidet. Or just shit Indian style like Wilbur Sargunaraj – fave [4:57] – follow along. Soon you’ll be able to shit anywhere.

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Big rig: shifting an 18-speed gearbox

This video gives a demonstration of how to shift an 18 speed big truck, along with a bit of advice to help a new driver. How to skip gears, when going through all the gears, isn’t necessary, depending upon the … Continue reading

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That new car smell

What it is you’re smelling when you get inside a new car. It’s the chemical equivalent of the eleven herbs and spices. Pay attention.

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