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Denver Omelet

Follow along with Uncle Chef John as he once again uses his rollercoaster vocal delivery to teach us all about the Denver Omelet.

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Tattoo time lapse

Can’t be that bad to get a tattoo. No one’s screaming. [5:09]

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How to lift a fallen motorcycle

Smallish lady demonstrates how to upright a fallen Harley at a motorcycle show in New York.

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Salvaging a sunken GMC Yukon

This video package shows a Yukon being recovered from Wood Lake. By Grantsburg WI. The Yukon went through the ice about two weeks ago. The Yukon was in about 28 feet of water from what one diver was telling me. … Continue reading

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Log cabin time lapse

Timelapse video of a complete log cabin build by one man alone in the wilderness of Canada, from 1st tree cut to last floor board laid. Total real time: about a year. [4:58]

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DiResta prop knife

This is a PROP for a photo shoot. I was given instructions from a friend doing the Art Direction for the shoot. The overall Design was by the Art Director, the details in the making were mine. I was asked … Continue reading

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Plum cake

Jordan Carver guides us through making a plum cake. Bonjour! The plums are quite nice, wouldn’t you say?! Mes oui! [5:39] This is a repost from March 22, 2011.

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Drill team

Roughnecks make the drill shaft longer.

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A lesson on steak

Basics with Babish Want to learn how to cook a steak perfectly each time? Look no further. We’re focusing on both ribeye and skirt steaks. [6:21]

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Assembling a Rolls-Royce jet engine

It takes more than 20,000 components perfectly fitted together to build the world’s most efficient aero engine, the Trent XWB. See how it is done at our Trent XWB assembly line in Dahlewitz, Germany. Engine costs $35M.

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DIY tinsel machine

Red Green made his own tinsel for decorating the Christmas tree. Bookmark for next year.

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Truck Stopper Sandwich

Salisbury steak on a steak bun with drippin’s. I watched this video twice. Had to wipe the drool off my keyboard three times. [4:05]

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Gun hide coffee table

Coffee table has a clever, multi-step unlocking procedure. Table substitutes as a gun safe. But it’s impractical for getting at your guns quickly in case of a break-in. Very practical if some authorities show up to take your guns. Same … Continue reading

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Car finder

Red Green devises a way of easily finding your car in crowded parking lot.

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Beer crepes for breakfast

This is for all of you guys out there that don’t have much in their fridges. Morning arrives, you have beautiful woman still sound asleep in your bed. You want to impress her with a fancy breakfast, but you are … Continue reading

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Automatic bowling pinsetter

It must be loud back there on a league tournament night.

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