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Chocolate bunny

Great to watch the day after Easter.

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9 years online!

Online since April 13th of ’08. Time for a beer. Thanks to all who have been here since the early days.

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Visit our friends at…

Click the image or click here.

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Million Dollar Homepage

Own your own piece of the Internet. Click here.

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Spaghetti harvest in Ticino

Original tale from 1957.

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The history of April Fools

It’s all because of the Pope and his new calendar. Or maybe not.

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day

Today, the entire country turns green and everyone is honorary Irish. Deal with it the best you can. Have a beer. It’s not Irish A pint o’ Guinness That one Guinness ad No alcoholics in Ireland – fave

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It’s Australia Day

It’s Straya Day! Celebrated annually on the 26th of January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the flag of Great Britain … Continue reading

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Celebrating the New Year in Sweden

This was the traditional New Year’s celebration in Malmö in the area of Möllevången. Quite typically some individuals are shooting rockets and bombs randomly into crowds. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

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New Year Slinks

The old terrible year is out and a new one takes its place. Let’s hope the new year doesn’t give us the rotten luck that the old one did. Or will we get fooled again? It could be something unexpected. … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Here it is. It’s today. Everything for the past month has been focused on this special day. It’s today. Christmas. May your day be merry and full of tasty barley beverages. But with great holidays comes great responsibility. Play it … Continue reading

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Frankly, Ho ho ho

Boys and girls, moms and dads, brewing brothers and sisters, it’s Christmas eve and this old man will be taking most of this evening off in preparation for tomorrow’s festivities. Just clearing my head. The whole fam damily will attend … Continue reading

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Tree decorating drone

FlightLight is a drone which will gladly fly around your bare Christmas tree and string the lights for you.

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Winter wonderland

Time to put the presents under the tree.

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Harvesting Christmas trees

Helicopters and their pilots make the job look easy. But the pilots have to be fast and they compete with other pilots’ times for their jobs. In the Pacific Northwest, lots of helicopter pilots work in the timber industry. The … Continue reading

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Turkey carving

How the bird should have been carved.

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