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Texas brisket chili

Using some leftover smoked brisket to create a Homemade Texas Brisket Chili recipe. [6:21] Recipe is in the YT description here.

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Pepperoni pizza dip

Super Bowl is getting nearer. Start planning. This appetizer looks absolutely delish. This recipe for two people is outlined in the video description here. Scale it up accordingly. Utilize your favorite conversion app to go from grams to ounces, milliliters … Continue reading

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The perfectionist’s BLT

Kenji Lopez (!) guides us through the quintessential and perfect BLT sandwich build. They’re only made here at home when the tomatoes are worth eating. Absolutely delicious. And messy. [5:02]

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North Koreans try American barbecue

North Korean defectors are introduced to American BBQ for the first time. Their reactions are pretty much what we expect. But their stories are most important to this video. Try to follow along in the subtitles. [4:56]

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Goodfellas prison sauce

Say what you want about gangsters – the garroting, the cocaine use, the shooting-a-guy-in-his-foot-for-no-reason – the guys know how to eat, even in prison. Follow along as we make old-school Sunday gravy, and please, try not to piss off Tommy.

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Epic French toast

The closest thing to the Canadian food show, but without all the crow calls, facial hair, whiskey and bacon. The ending to this is unbelievable. [11:22]

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Food Quickies

The first video will get your mouth watering before you can click the next one. And then there’s one more. Exploding burger bun Bacon-Wrapped Steak Breakfast Burrito Cutting the meat

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Instant popcorn

The Mythbusters team up with Alton Brown to test making some instant, Chinese popcorn in one of their iron vessels. [4:06]

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Turkey carving

How the bird should have been carved.

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Cook a turkey in a beer keg

A better way to cook trash can turkey is to use a beer keg. Beer keg turkey sounds a lot better. The way the top fits on the bottom must have been tricky to get working.

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Turkey Tits – fave

Consider this for tomorrow’s feast.

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Obligatory Thanksgiving safety video

For those considering deep frying a turkey tomorrow, you must remember the thaw the bird before dumping it in the deep fryer.

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Alton Brown’s MegaBake Oven

Witness a pizza being prepared in a high tech device controlled by an eccentric scientist chef. Alton Brown built a giant EasyBake oven using light bulbs like the original, but requiring about 450 amps of current to power it. And … Continue reading

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Quick fun food DIYs

Blue-collar trash chocolate cake. (In four minutes.) Mix this up before hand and take it to work. Heat and eat at lunchbreak. Appetizers Super Bowl is coming. Just sayin’.

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3-second shrimps

The Japanese have the art of fast food tuned to perfection. 3-second dumplings – fave

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Big, meaty, cheesy calzone

Ammohead and his buddy had a few beers. Around midnight, it was decided that a meat and cheese calzone was necessary. He cooks up a good one in spite of the time and the beer. [11:09]

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