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Clem Schultz deadly tornado

85-year-old Clem Schultz recorded a tornado that came right through his house and killed his wife and caused him numerous injuries. This is some scary shit. News article here.

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Supercell time lapse

Beautiful to behold but so frightening in reality. Coming in spring.

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Flying through a hurricane

A team called Stormchasers flies through a hurricane wall into its eye while recording data.

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Ford dealership flood

Flooding at the Ford Dealership in Republic, Missouri after 24 hours of heavy rain just recently. Urban Hillbilly should really tone down their intro a bit.

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Flood plow

What is it that throwing up so much water? Oh.

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Anatomy of a tornado

Weatherman creates a tornado right in the studio.

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F3 tornado visualization

Scientists used pre-storm conditions from an observed F4 tornado in South Dakota in 2003 to initialize a simulation that produces a severe supercell storm that produces a powerful tornado and terabytes of data.

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Mammatus clouds explained

Puff ball clouds, mammary clouds whatever you call them, get explained by a man who knows.

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Underwater kite

Research team is working on exploring ways to harness ocean currents using an unexpected technology… a kite.

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The unfortunate road

It finds victims one after the other.

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Planes and hurricanes

Planes can fly through hurricanes but always fly above thunderstorms. Why is that? Flying through a hurricane [4:16]

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Fracking in the U.K.

A protest video like you’ve never seen. Guaranteed to make you smile if you still think like a sixth grader.

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Here’s an ad you won’t see during the Super Bowl.

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It got super cold last night. Almost 10-below. I had to warm up the Mighty Tundra for 90 minutes before my trip to the beer store. Reminds me of this old favorite Quickie:

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Wind tree

Reuters news report A French start-up says its Wind Tree is ideal for urban environments, harnessing the most gentle of winds to produce power through its micro-turbine leaves. Many questions arise.

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