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Scorpion 3 Hoverbike-3

Created by Russian startup Hoversurf, the Scorpion-3 aerial bike isn’t much more than a giant quadcopter with a seat, but unlike previous prototypes, the Scorpion-3 puts the controls directly in the hands of the pilot. Although this sci-fi machine wants … Continue reading

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Drone shooting

Rather than skeet shooting, shooters practice firing at drones flying at 80 miles per hour. Guy capitalized on the idea and now makes money all over the country.

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Russian fighters on the highway

Belarusian Airforce Mig29 and Su25 land on Minsk-Mogilev highway in a training mission.

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Apache demo team

The RNLAF AH-64D Apache Demo Team puts the chopper through a series of loop and other maneuvers.

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Jet plane water drop

Two instances where these jet tankers were called into fight a forest fire in Quilpue, Chile.

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Crosswind take-offs and landings

Crosswinds are a bitch. It’s one of the reasons why the pilots make the big bucks.

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Concorde takeoff

The Concorde Supersonic Transport operated from 1969 to 2003. It suffered from complaints from sonic booms heard at ground level and could only be afforded by the wealthy. It was fast. It was majestic. (Source)

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Moving massive Boeing airplane parts

Get in the driver seat: see how our Long Load Crew moves spars & stringers over 30 meters long for our Boeing 777, 767, and 747. The steer car is attached to the back of a long truck that hauls … Continue reading

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P-47 Razorback

Giant RC scale Warbird Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback, “Miss Behave.” A lot of time, a lot of money. But, damn, that’s sure nice.

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Tree decorating drone

FlightLight is a drone which will gladly fly around your bare Christmas tree and string the lights for you.

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Airbus A400M seems to defy physics

The A400M makes a terrific roll. Military cargo plane goes almost inverted during banking maneuver at practice for the Farnborough 2014 International Airshow.

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FA-18 vs. Mig-29

Long Saturday This training episode pits pilots flying American FA-18 fighter jets against Russian Mig-29s flown by German pilots. [20:59] YouTube link.

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Harvesting Christmas trees

Helicopters and their pilots make the job look easy. But the pilots have to be fast and they compete with other pilots’ times for their jobs. In the Pacific Northwest, lots of helicopter pilots work in the timber industry. The … Continue reading

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Helicopter kit

This helicopter is called the Mosquito. It comes in a kit. You build it yourself. It may fit in the garage, but I don’t think so. But think about it. More info, but really, buy the guy’s 2-hour DVD for … Continue reading

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P12 Jetpack

A compilation of flights of the P12 one-man flight unit (or whatever it’s called) from the past year.

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Chopper drones

Two Lockheed Martin helicopters, with help from a pair of drones, join forces to fight fires and save lives. These are being tested in Australia now and may be implemented in the US in three years.

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