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Go Kart crashes

High speed, low center of gravity, everything seems fine until there’s contact or loss of traction.

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Wheels Day 2017

Wheels Day 2017 Surrey Street Rodders Hot Rod and Classic Car Show in Surrey, U.K. Nice grassy field. [11:13]

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The worst Formula 1 pit stops

Need more practice!

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The Cars of Cuba

A couple of Aussie guys are in Havana to explore the culture, meet the locals, visit some mechanics and drive some cars! [31:30] Video link.

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’32 Ford kisses the guardrail

It was sure hard watching this sweet Blown 32 Ford get into the guardrail at the Kansas International Dragway ‘No Prep Mayhem’ event. Luckily the damage was minimal and the car should be back out soon.

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2016 Tesla Model S crash test

Teslas are put through crash tests leaving a ton of debris behind.

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RZR airborne

RZR XP1K4:five minutes of full throttle, turbo powered, mind bending off-road action! [6:59] – action ends at 4:39 (I must confess that, the engine, in a few scenes, sounds like a leaf blower motor to me.)

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Second childhood

Guy makes a playground for himself and his Harley using a BobCat.

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Handyman Corner

A much younger Red Green demonstrates how to perform an oil change on your car. [stop at 4:50]

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Ten minutes of car crashes

Mostly Russian where the idiots are sometimes the drivers with the dash cams and sometimes the ones that get hit. [10:01]

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Lost it all at the finish line

David Hildebrand in the Boogeyman Camaro -vs- Carl Scott in the Honeybadger Nova for $5000 at the No Prep Mayhem event at Kansas International Dragway. Hildebrand was out and OK after an absolutely brutal tumble over the guard rail.

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Pin striping

Pin striping and airbrush legend Glen Weisgerber demonstrates how to pull lines and palette your brush in this special presentation. Consider him the Bob Ross of pin striping cars. [10:59]

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Driveshaft phasing

I never knew this was factor when it came to driveshafts. Classroom physics for all the guys who drive lifted vehicles.

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Formula Offroad USA highlights

Crash and smash highlights from the first ever Formula Offroad race in USA. Bikini Bottoms Off Road park Tennessee 2016. Iceland invades the US and they’ve brought their hill climbing monsters. [4:16]

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Toyota’s new concept for millenials

Toyota thinks millennials need a car for “casualcore” outings. Pontiac tried it with the Stinger years ago, before they were called ‘millenials.’

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New Dodge Demon

840 HP Dodge Demon The new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRTĀ® Demon is the most-powerful muscle car ever with 840 horsepower and 770 pounds-feet of torque from its supercharged 6.2-liter HEMIĀ® Demon V-8 engine. Pennzoil jumps on the Dodge publicity with … Continue reading

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