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Minivan burnout

The Aussies have nothing on us.

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The real moral dilemma of self-driving cars

We talk about all the potentially challenging situations autonomous cars could get into but not about how human drivers are not very good. Tens of thousands die on the roads every year in collisions, most of which could be prevented … Continue reading

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Norton Transformer – fave

This Norton Commando is getting a bit long in the geartooth.

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Drag race

Excitement happening in both lanes.

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Vintage 1919 oil engine startup

1919 Blackstone hot bulb 26HP stationary engine start up. Beautiful original engine running for the first time in 49 years on the 1st of January 2014. This engine spent its working life driving a saw mill in County Kildare, and … Continue reading

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Veyron vs. Rimac

What the heck is a Rimac? It’s an all-electric supercar from Croatia. Called the Rimac Concept One, it utilizes a hefty battery pack and four electric motors (one per wheel) to achieve impressive speed and acceleration. In the video, the … Continue reading

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2017 BMW 3 series crash test

Small overlap. The crash was GOOD. It was a good crash. I’m waiting for the IIHS to rate a crash as GREAT! Now that would be something.

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’55 Chevy V2.0

You better keep an eye out for this 1955 Bel Air during the 2017 racing season, aka The ’55 2.0! He’s quickly making a name for himself. [5:47]

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Leno’s Stanley Steamer

Jay takes his steam-powered 1906 Stanley Steamer, the oldest in his garage, for a spin.

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Should you warm up your car before driving?

Fuel injected – no. Carbureted – yes. Humans – as long as it takes for the interior to get nice and toasty.

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Best of Dakar 2017

The Dakar Rally (or simply “The Dakar” ) was formerly known as the “Paris–Dakar Rally.” It is an annual rally race organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation. Most events since the inception in 1978 were from Paris, France, to Dakar, … Continue reading

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Drag race rollover

So much time, work, money lost in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, in this case, proper safety equipment saved the life of yet another racer, allowing him to walk away without injury.

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Rat rod school bus

Some of the craziest stuff shows up when we least expect it, and that’s exactly what happened out at the Red List series in California. This Cummins turbo diesel powered 1954 school bus is not only one badass patina mobile, … Continue reading

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Red Camaro – vintage racing scenes

We dug into the Urban Hillbilly Videos vault to get the original footage of one of the most bootlegged drag videos of all time. This footage originally featured on our Carnage Fest Vol. 1 DVD back around 2006. Mikey ‘Pup’ … Continue reading

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Mustang wheelie problems

Fox body Mustang hangs the wheels in the air and when it comes back down, does an immediate 90° turn into the guard rail.

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DIY Hummer

Red Green builds a Hummer from two identical small cars. I discovered that this was already posted back in January of ’13. Therefore, consider it an inadvertent fave. Don’t matter, though.

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