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Frankenstein Mustang

1320video If you saw this car on the street, you would not expect it to have 1500HP! We definitely wouldn’t! Not only is this car a sleeper, it’s basically a frankenstein of mustangs! What started out as a stock 2006 … Continue reading

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NFL – scores on the first play

When points are scored on the first play of the game, it’s a wake-up call to the other team to get their shit together. Gotta watch it on YouTube because NFL.

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Denver Omelet

Follow along with Uncle Chef John as he once again uses his rollercoaster vocal delivery to teach us all about the Denver Omelet.

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Tattoo time lapse

Can’t be that bad to get a tattoo. No one’s screaming. [5:09]

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London brawling – fave

Freddie Wong finds himself in the middle of an espionage plot.

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2017 Nissan Titan crew cab driver-side small overlap crash test

The crash was GOOD. But jeeze, there’s a lot of plastic up front.

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Dick joke

I called my friend and said, “Hey, I have a joke for you.” Friend: “Okay, shoot.” Me: “What has a tiny penis and hangs down?” Friend: “I dunno, what?” Me: “A bat… now, what has an enormous penis and hangs … Continue reading

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Clearing the tracks in Sweden

The SR700 (Snow Removal 700) brings the snow onboard where it will be melted.

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Britain’s best bus driver

May qualify for Pike’s Peak.

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SixPack Pics

There was nothing out of the ordinary with the package. An off odor emanated when I opened it. The images were fine. They were sent from Waxring Park, Illinois. Hit it. SixPack Comics from May 22, 2014 …It’ll be okay.

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Quickie leaks


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Weird and fun robots at CES 2018

CES 2018 robotics was everywhere from small little toys to big robots, some for special uses and some for just fun. Narrator doesn’t know the difference between chess and Scrabble. [7:45]

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Do you need shots of ordinary people doing things? They got it.

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Sand bubbler crabs and their balls

Sand bubbler crabs ‘hunt’ meiofauna during low tide, producing sand balls while doing so.

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Double faves

Cobra 8 inside telephone books Ezekiel’s Wheel

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405-pound tight end (!?!)

Baylor tight end LaQuan McGowan runs the 40-yard dash. (Hey Hey Hey.) Video is from 2016. Ditka gave Refrigerator Perry a rash of shit for weighing in at 308 during the Bears ’85 season.

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