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It’s about time we gave PUBG the Corridor treatment. From Corridor Digital, of course. [6:02]

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IIHS rates four small pickups’ crashworthiness

ARLINGTON, Va. — Four out of eight small pickup trucks evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety earn good ratings for occupant protection in all five IIHS crashworthiness evaluations, but the lack of an automatic emergency braking system and … Continue reading

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Car trouble

Red Green in a quandary of low powered cars and heavy loads.

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Ferd F-teenthousand – fave

A manly-ass truck that will change your life. Chest hair upholstery and a beard in the glove box.

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Steel shotgun shell vs. ice

Many people have asked us to shoot a gallon of ice. For some reason I had it in my mind that it would be less exciting than it really is. But I am wrong a lot too.

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The park statues

For decades, two heroic statues, one male and one female, faced each other in a city park, until one day an angel came down from heaven. “You’ve been such exemplary statues,” he announced to them, “That I’m going to give … Continue reading

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Hose vs. hornets nest

Guy is probably inside his garbage can directing the hose through a slit.

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Humpday Honeys – See-thru

Tempting the male imagination, the ladies have sheer fabrics that show a little but not a lot of what’s going on underneath. These garments are the equivalent to her saying, “Gentleman, start your engine.” View image set.

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Dealing with Somali pirates

Pirates have become a huge problem for freighters such that some shipping lines are hiring actual security forces to protect their vessels and cargo. Some of these scenes are from the US Navy. [5:17]

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The dams busted!

A dam burst in Laos and delivered a massive flash flood downstream. Road grader screws up the escape route.

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Muzzleloader explosion

A mishap with a Remington 700 Ultimate. The bolt is used to load a charging primer to set off the powder, the powder and bullet are loaded through the barrel. Guy got lucky.

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Eggs baked in hash browns

This looks so damn delicious. You could probably substitute some ingredients to make it look just as good. You can do this! Hell, I can do this. If the wife’s gone. And I clean up.

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Volkswagen trailer assist – fave

Classic case of the tail wagging the dog.

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Dog eats like a person

Cameraman experiences contagious laughter. Peanut butter will do that every time. Yes, it’s so funny.

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A song about birds

Ibises hold a special place in the hearts of the Australians. And they stink, too. More info.

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Barefoot water skiers

Trying to set a new world record, one boat pulls 33 barefoot skiers. Not one foot was ticklish and no one wore socks.

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