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The greatest 1st round in boxing history – fave

Hagler versus Hearnes. [6:40] View the full fight. [26:33]

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Gun battle fanflick

I put the camera on the tripod and played the protagonist and the bad guys myself and masked the shots in after effects. I added some digital camera movement in post. Made just for filmmaking practice.

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Log rolling babes

Jenny Atkinson vs. Liz Hoeschler in the 2005 World Championship log rolling event. Maybe there was a wet t-shirt contest later.

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Thundercat racing

The last race of the 2016 season was a tough race, as mother nature was not letting up on the surf and the thundercatters were not detered by the size of the swell. Another instance where an action video merely … Continue reading

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived on time but had small spots spread over a small area. It was sent from Kankasor, Illinois. Hit it.

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Britain’s “Iron Man”

Inventor Richard Browning puts his jet engine-powered suit through its paces, beating his own record for speed and distance during a test flight.

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The Foreigner trailer

A restaurant owner (Jackie Chan) goes on a mission of revenge after his daughter is killed in a bombing by rogue Irish terrorists. Jackie should take care. He’s no spring chicken anymore.

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The foul ball exchange

A fan goes for a foul ball and emerges with another fan’s beer.

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Double faves

Anchor drop failure Big blue crane

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Stormers Winger Dillyn Leyds pulls off one of the passes of the season to set up the incredible Stormers Try vs The Chiefs.

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CNC porn

Big machine mills an aluminum panel. [4:43]

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Aussie dad and son discuss souvlaki.

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Project ZL-70: Chevrolet Camaro

The House of Muscle Imagine you just built what you thought was your dream car. But then, after driving it, you realized you were wrong – this is not good. While most people would have cried in their cereal bowl … Continue reading

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Faster than a Japanese bullet train (although the French might disagree,) the briefs are back for Monday. Meanwhile in India WWII Nazi tennis Bread slicer Maniac

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Time for sushi

Another installment of those ridiculous animated naked bodies in everyday life.

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Mayweather/McGregor trash talk

This just happened. Oh, it’s gonna be good. [4:32]

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