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Airplane landing suspensions

Fascinating to see how the undercarriage copes with being thumped into the ground. Closeups of the action on a day of strong winds at about 45 degrees to the runway direction.

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Top fuel double blowups

2012 Australian Winternationals Semi Final. Two 8000hp top fuel dragsters blow their engines before half track on the same run and still manage 10 second 1/4 miles with impressive fire balls.

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2017 Street Machine Summer Nationals

The Street Machine Summer Nationals is a huge Classic, Muscle Car, and Hot Rod event in St. Paul, Minnesota where a reported 7000 cars and thousands of gear heads get together for some high horsepower fun in the sun. There … Continue reading

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Starting off the new week was some fresh shorts. Pole vault tricks Blowing up a snowman Yawn or yell? – warning: brief image of cat Probability near zero – fave

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Pawn Stars: 1966 Dodge Charger with Hemi Engine

Rick takes a spin in a rare ’66 Dodge Charger with a Hemi engine that might be 1 of 85 produced by NASCAR. [4:53]

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Fedor, the Russian Terminator wannabe

A Russian official posted a video last April on his Facebook page of FEDOR, a humanoid robot being worked on by the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects. It’s shown using tools, driving a car and shooting guns at targets. … Continue reading

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Expert saber sparring – fave

Impressive fighting skills at work. These guys teach swordsmanship and they are amazing. [4:19]

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A millennial vs. a baby boomer

A millennial interviews a Baby Boomer for a job. The beat goes on.

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The Niagara Falls collapse of 1954

When the first tell-tale cracks appeared in the rock at the side of Niagara Falls, Movietone cameramen kept a round-the-clock vigil. Their patience was rewarded by sensational pictures as 185,000 tons of rock crashed down to the bottom of the … Continue reading

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Out of control CGI car crashes

Always interesting to watch, these CGI car crashes feature the “too fast for conditions” scenario many drivers experience. [6:56]

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Robbers vs. forklifts

An attempted robbery is thwarted by observant forklift drivers at a company in the Czech Republic, now called Czechia.

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Slowly and surely, the weather is becoming increasingly colder – not buts about it. We’ll be lucky to hit 40 today. Meanwhile, it’s in the low 70s in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Everybody gets a turn at warm weather and now … Continue reading

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Frankly speaking

We live in a world filled with wonderful things that don’t quite work the way they should. I spilled my guts on the MacOS High Sierra – Firefox 57 scenario recently. In the overall scheme of things, both items work … Continue reading

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Motorhome Mashup

Fred, from Dirt Every Day, enlists the help of the Poly Goats, a local university four wheel drive club, to help destroy a 1986 Pace Arrow motorhome and transform it into a giant go-kart. Watch the destruction as Fred and … Continue reading

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Photoshop Phonies

Real and fake all at the same time. Depends on which eye you view them with. Hit it.

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The cumulative time for Quickies on Friday doesn’t make them all that quick. But it’s good if you have to stop to take a whiz or something. But make it quick. Hook & Ladder enters the highway Flying tire The … Continue reading

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