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The answering machine

Hap Shaughnessey stops by Red Green’s repair shop to get his answering machine fixed. And to spread around another layer of bullshit. [stop at 2:41]

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Virtual destruction – fave

Physics and CGI. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets sued. No mess to clean up. [5:49]

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Making a PB&J aboard the ISS

Expedition 50 commander Shane Kimbrough demonstrates on-orbit preparation of one of Earth’s most popular foods: the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But without bread. And without being a juggler.

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NASA foam fire suppression

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center recently upgraded the foam fire suppression system for our aircraft support hangar. The safety system uses high expansion foam, which contains less water and chemicals making it more environmentally friendly. The foam is used to … Continue reading

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Smart TV spying

This last weekend, WikiLeaks published new documents showing how CIA exploits could turn Samsung Smart TVs into remote bugs. It raises a hard question: can Smart TVs ever be secure?

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Humpday Honey – Leanna Decker

Leanna Decker is an American adult model. She is the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week for July 4 2011, of the Month for November 2011 and 2012 Cyber Girl of the Year. She’s the quintessential redhead, the girl next … Continue reading

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Li’l Big Rigs

A trucking enthusiast has created his very own micro-machines by shrinking the traditional American big rig down to the size of a pick up. Bob Suffern and his all female team specialise in creating the miniature trucks for fans across … Continue reading

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World’s first VTOL electric plane tested

Cold Fusion educates us on the world’s first vertical takeoff and landing jet that’s powered by batteries. Looks promising. Flying car?? [5:27]

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Enter the Dojang

Master Ken shows up at a dojo and it becomes Ameri-Do-Te master versus Tae Kwon Do. A bit silly.

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Forging a pizza

The Essential Craftsman, the do-everything guy, cooks a pepperoni and mushroom pizza in his forge. 1600°.

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Downhill tire – fave

It’s all about the finale.

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The Chatty Duelists

Star Wars meets The Princess Bride in this old video from old times of a time long ago and a galaxy far away.

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Steep takeoff

Boeing 787 Dreamliner performing a frighteningly steep take-off at the Farnborough Airshow, 2013.

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Injured bots learn to limp

Another red flag for the AI robot takeover coming. Okay, Google. What is AI? (Rhet…)

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived nice and stiff as if sent through a press. It had a funny smell as well. The goods came from Flatula, Illinois. Hit it.

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Kitty Hawk Flyer

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations. We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over … Continue reading

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