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Girls’ Costume Warehouse – fave

What the hell you waitin’ for?

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Expectation vs. reality

Pro vs. amateur.

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9mm ice spinner

A 9mm bullet is shot at the ice and spins like a top.

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Toppled trailer in India

An endloader tries to right a trailer which has fallen over. There are plenty of people available to dictate instructions and orders on how to do it. Then they chase the tractor down and order it to stop.

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived in the shape of a tightly wrapped tube. It was a bit difficult to open. It was sent from southern Kegelburg, Illinois. Hit it.

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First Ever Light & Gravitational Wave Cosmic Event!

The merging of two neutron stars was detected by gravitational waves and then by telescopes in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is news for all the armchair cosmologists and astronomers. If you are interested. Video link. [5:25]

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One stray Quickie

Don’t know how it got out.

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Ghost bike

When a dirt bike racer takes a spill, his bike get possessed by the devil intent on wreaking havoc on the spectators. “Wreak Havoc.” Great name for a metal band.

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A special visitor to the Ice Cream Cruise

A blown alcohol Chevelle shows up to the show turning everyone’s heads. The police soon follow.

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Double faves

Mitchell & Webb – Linden Trees Smell Of Cum The Wunder Boner

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Road rage at the race track

Crazy Figure 8 incident from Anderson Speedway, Anderson, Indiana, where a race car driver gets mad for getting spun out. He was, however, blocking for the whole race as the leader. Both drivers had been sent into a tailspin prior … Continue reading

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Dash cam crashes

You know what to expect. These are from all over the world.

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New treads on a bald wheel

What the guy is doing is siping and he’s working on this forklift wheel.

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Never pull a player’s hair in Rugby

Australia vs. South Africa. Dumb mistake.

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State of Xecution: 1966 CorteX Mustang

House of Muscle It’s a street car, a race car, and a rolling testbed for one of the best suspension companies in Northern, California. This is Xecution, the 1966 Ford Mustang coupe that’s been terrorizing West Coast racetracks for more … Continue reading

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Do you really need an introduction? I didn’t think so. CGI arrow death animations A regular morning in a quiet street Waste disposal in Germany

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