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Photoshop Phonies

Phonies. They look real but there’s just something about them that gives you doubt that they ain’t really real. They may be, in fact, FAKE! Hit it.

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  Shorts and briefs and fasties. Like usual.       How we actually remove viruses in IT Richard Hammond gets pissed while cycling Ice trampoline Bullseye!

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Quickies – faves

These shorties are starting to stack up. Here are the ones that we let go today. Superhuman tape measure skills Car/truck crash in Belgium Chick Lambert for Ralph Williams Chrysler Plymouth Goths dance to Thomas the Tank Engine – not … Continue reading

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Ukraine ammo dump ignites

This happened yesterday. You can’t help but wonder if there are some outside international forces at work here.

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The engineering behind wingsuit design

Aerospace Engineer Angelo Grubisic fell in love with the high-risk sport of wingsuit base jumping. And he’s using his engineering knowledge to apply aeronautical principles to this extreme sport.

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Not the quickest way to bring home the beer

This young guy in Denmark needs a little practice. (vertical video)

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Another Chevy ad with Mahk

When will Chevy get the hint?

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The Dark Knight & 60’s Robin

Batman’s showdown with Bane is interrupted by the 1960’s Boy Wonder. Funny at times, silly most other times. Video starts at 0:14 all the time.

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They do that thing that they do that makes us watch it. And then they do it again. Hit it.

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Highlights of some awesome wheel stands that most likely scared the crap out of the drivers but thrilled the spectators.

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The Ronin Ballistic Helmet

All of the science fiction cops are starting to become reality. Scary shit if you think about it. Ballistic tests

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The Snakepit

During the construction of the snakepit in ancient Egypt, the master overseer has a problem with *puff* adders.

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Lug nuts

Red Green shows how to remove stubborn lug nuts using some good old handyman ingenuity. [stop at 3:03]

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High diving giraffes – fave

From start to splash, these svelte giraffes are all style and grace. [5:27]

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Rotary snow plow

Spring has returned to a select few locations. Last month the rotary snow plows had to return to Donner Pass to battle the heavy Sierra Snow along the UP Roseville Subdivision in California. [6:29]

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Our Midwest Correspondent

Finally, we have a self-appointed newsman to bring us up to date on life in the midwest USA. It’s flat and there’s some other stuff.

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