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High rise construction time lapse

The construction of 432 Park Avenue in New York City, USA. The building will be the world’s tallest all-residential structure once complete. From June 2015. [5:19]

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Atlas missile malfunction

Three different views of an Atlas Missile Explosion in 1961. The first clip is a wide shot at normal speed, the second two clips are photographed high speed at 400 frames per second. This was a test of the Atlas … Continue reading

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Humpday Honeys – Buxom Beauties

The ladies with the prominent front presentations return to show us, or at least hint to us, what they’re holding. Nat or Not? Who cares? View image set.

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The Ghost

1320video This is the kind of Final you WANT to see at a race! Cars paired up so well they are neck and neck the entire track! This beautiful Procharged Plymouth Duster aka “the Ghost” was putting in work at … Continue reading

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A dollar short

Richie is a good earner with one weakness. It’s why Tony Soprano didn’t want him. [4:03]

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Ken Block’s Terrakhana

Pennzoil asked Ken Block to be himself and punish their oil in the car’s engine. Here’s Ken Block’s 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 pushing it to the limit in Swing Arm City, UT. [4:43]

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Hot dog vendor in San Francisco

Looks so delicious. You can almost smell the smells right from the monitor. Mouth is watering right now.

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Formula1 car in the Lincoln Tunnel – fave

The final edit of the RB7 driving the 1.5 mile long Lincoln Tunnel from Weehawken to Manhattan and back again. No filler, no riff raff, just the sweet sounds of the RB7 engine.

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The Essential Phone first impressions

A fast, well crafted phone that might steal you away from the Pixel 2. The upstart phone, the new kid on the block. Read about it. Longer, better first impression. [7:22]

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What happens if a football goes into the stands?

If you’re lucky enough to catch a fly ball at a baseball game, you get to keep it. That’s not always the case at NFL games. Watch and learn. [5:00]

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Mayweather’s low blow brawl

After Zab Judah hits Floyd Mayweather below the belt, Roger Mayweather jumps into the ring to make things right. From Dec. 2013.

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SixPack Pics

The package was a bit stiff and I had a hard time opening it. It was sent from Feemer, Illinois. Hit it.

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Formula 1 mishaps

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Instant barrier

Instant barrier rolls out the back of a small cargo container. Deployed to delay enemy advances as long as the vehicle doing the deploying isn’t delayed by enemy fire.

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Cannon balls in slo-mo

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Big Ben to undergo rehab

The Big Ben bell in the Elizabeth Tower have been scheduled for a major renovation that is expected to last four years and began in August 2017, with Big Ben’s chimes being silenced on 21 August at 12 noon. Essential … Continue reading

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