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Humpday Heinies

We just can’t get enough of the rear view of the female architecture. When the structure is well designed and maintained, it’s a beauty for all eyes to behold. View image set.

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Red Bull Urban Downhill

Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2017 course with Tomas Slavik and Bernardo Cruz. Tomas commentates as he rides. [4:06]

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The Road of Bones

The most hardcore highway, you have ever seen, M56 Kolyma Highway, located in far east part of Russia. It connects Magadan and Yakutsk. The length of the original road via Tomtor is about 1,900 kilometers (1,200 mi). [4:20]

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Audi’s four rings explained

The carmakers Audi, DKW, Horch in Saxony and the automobile division of Wanderer Werke merge to form Auto Union AG, based in Chemnitz. The company chooses four interlocking rings as its logo. Four reasons for BMW fans to hate Audis … Continue reading

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Perfect (dry brined) pork chops

Uncle Chef John makes it look so easy and so delicious. Recipe.

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The Skoda Fabia Attention test – fave

Just how attention stealing is the new ŠKODA Fabia? We put it to the test. Will a crowd gather? Will other drivers slam on the brakes? Watch to find out.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword trailer

An iconoclastic take on the classic Excalibur myth, tracing Arthur’s journey from the streets to the throne. No coconut shell hoof beats but perhaps a familiar GoT face.

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Hulk Hogan and the purse snatcher

The Hulk is there to save the day and reveal a few wrestling secrets.

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Texas A&M baseball fans have a brutal tradition

The opposing pitchers almost always get rattled.

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived and it was a bit bulgy. It expelled a bunch of air when opened. It was sent from Fricatiff, Illinois. Hit it.

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An OH SHIT moment

Tom Bailey brought out his blown race car to Lights Out 8 and almost lost it on a pass down the track.

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Slot car drag racing

Great way to have with friends and kids in a competitive garage environment. Money changed hands. There may have been carbonated barley beverages.

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74 Judo throws in 2 minutes

Blue guy may be a bit sore when it’s over.

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Tuesday double faves

Spiderman center fielder Fanta can challenge

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Heavy haulage

A.L.E. Heavy haulage moves a 400kV 380-ton transformer along the North Circular Road to a relay station that’s just been built near Finsbury Park in norf (sic) London. [4:05]

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La La dog

Some of the things that owners do to their pets is pathetic. And sometimes hilarious.

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