6pakSixPackTech was started in July of ’07 on Google’s free Blogspot service. Why the name “SixPackTech?” I thought that SixPack had a nice ring to it and it’s about enough beer to get a guy in great mood. My first car was a six cylinder Chevy. I admired the name of the Dodge 440 SixPack. I have a six-cylinder Corvair engine in my VW Baja Bug.

I’ve been a technician all my adult life. From electronics to instrumentation to mechanics and computers, I’ve always loved to take things apart and fix them. My wife is a dental tech and two of my kids are certified auto techs.

SixPackTech it was.

By the beginning of the following year, I learned the nuances of the Blogger service and the shortcomings of their CMS. The page formatting, image management and wait times soon became unbearable. I started looking elsewhere.

I decided to hook up with a hosting service called HostGator out of Houston, Texas. They offered a great monthly rate, an outstanding uptime record and a great front end. Additionally, I chose WordPress as our content management system. I chose a nice theme, Cutline 3-column Split which gave me additional areas for anything new I might think up as time went on. With that, the learning experience began anew as I customized the theme to suit my needs.

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 9.55 PMSep10CSS and PHP were unheard of on Blogger. After three months of work, I finally got SPT to where I liked how it looked. In April of ’08, I posted the last post on the old Blogspot site and never looked back.

Since going live on the new server, SPT developed a rhythm as the months went by. I wanted to keep in line with the beer, tech, cars, humor… and a babe or two on this new site. Each day, to this very day, you’ll see something related one or more of those subjects. In going along with the idea of the sixpack thing, I decided to post six posts per day. Soon, we started to get into features. In addition to the six posts per day, we developed something different for each day of the week:

Monday – Auto Monday. A featured car or automotive related topic with a photo gallery.
Tuesday – SixPack of Pics. Usually 15 real pictures of outlandish subject matter gathered from the Web.
Wednesday – Humpday Honey. A beautiful woman or women with a photo gallery.
Thursday – SixPack Comics. 15 comics staying on topic.
Friday – Photoshop Phonies. 15 doctored, fake and humorous photos.
Saturday – Blue Collar Brew Review. I personally drink and rate a beer according to how it tastes and how much it costs. I also get my wife’s opinion on what she thinks of it.
Saturday – New Babes. In the left-hand sidebar, photos of new beautiful ladies are posted:

Pretty Face of the Week (PFoW) – A lady with a drop-dead gorgeous face.
Butt of the Week (BotW) – A lady with nice bottom.
Natural or Not? (NorN) – A bare breasted lady whose assets may be God-given, or surgically enhanced. You can then vote on her assets in a poll.

Sunday – Slinks, or Sunday Links.

Seven days of content.

Things to be aware of:
There is nudity on SixPackTech, but you’ll have to get off the front page to see it. You must click something. You will be directed. There is no porn, and no gynecology. Get that elsewhere. The f-word is also not used here in the content of posts.

There are no cats. I hate cats. Unless they’re in a ridiculously funny video.

There are no Internet cliches, like LOL and LMAO.  Demotivational posters and any FAIL references will be minimized.

We do not advocate drunkenness.

I use term ‘I’ and ‘we’ interchangeably.

The site may be offline for whatever reason, but those occasions are very rare. Not visible to on your end is me in a sweat-soaked panic, scrambling to rectify whatever broke. Please check back later.

We’re here to have some fun and make you enjoy your visit. We want to put a smile on your kisser, inform you a bit, maybe educate you and get you thinking about life in general. For me, it’s a daily maturing and learning experience. For you, I hope it’s a website you visit on a daily basis. Make yourself at home.

About me…

FCGrabo is what I go by on this site and yet everyone refers to me as Frank. I was baptized as Francis, but don’t call me Francis, or I’ll kill ya.

Before I started this undertaking, I referenced the word “blog” on Wikipedia. “Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.”

I don’t refer to SixPackTech as a “blog”. It’s not a diary of my life. I don’t really like to talk about myself, but it’s inevitible when one assumes the duties and/or responsibility of one’s own blog. It’s just my intention of posting about stuff that matters to me, and to Mac users, PC users, beer drinkers, car nuts, Internet junkies, lovers of beautiful women, night owls and perhaps wild horse riders. I aspire to be informative, amusing and thought provoking but with a smattering of tech opinion, some automotive related facts, “man-stuff”, and an “old-guy story or two. I refer to this place as a “website”. Website sounds a little more manly anyway, and most people know what one is by now.

Being a blue-collar baby boomer with background in computers, mechanics, electronics, nuclear power, casino gaming and construction would possibly peg me in some people’s mind as a glorified failure or a big BS-er. I’m neither, I assure you. However, I’ve known people who have been there and done that and are the first to talk about themselves. I don’t like those guys either.

I cut my digital teeth back in 1982 when I bought an Apple II (before the II+) and remember staying up until the early morning hours, learning about the file structure, Basic and playing games. I got a IIe a few years later. I founded an Apple II User Group at my place of work in about 1984 and presided over it until my employment there was downsized in ’92.

Then came the Windows days starting with Windows 3.1 and progressing through Win 95. When I tried to upgrade my machine to Win 98, I ran into such problems, that I lost patience, gave up and and vowed vengeance against the Microsoft Borg. It wasn’t long after that I bought my first Macintosh in ’97. A PowerPC 6500/250. Oh, what a joy! I’ve been on Macs ever since, progressing to an iMac G3, an iMac G5, a Mac mini and a MacBook.

As a father of four adult males I’ve had a chance relive my childhood with each one as they were growing up. I’ve come to learn that my kids mostly enjoy what I enjoy, computers, fast cars, beautiful women, and now beer. As I have shared those happy times with the kids, I’d like to share my web experience with the readers and inject a little warped sense of humor into the whole shebang.

This endeavor may prove to be more than I can handle. It will be a learning experience for me and I will make mistakes and maybe even step on a toe or two. I will probably do some stupid stuff now and again but I’ll strive to avoid that. If it turns out to be pleasurable for all involved then that is my intention.

I hope you enjoy the place.

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  1. indygirl88 says:

    Where has fleetflatfoot been?! Haven’t seen him around! :(

  2. fcgrabo says:

    As of recently, Fleet is alive and well. His neighbors have probably gotten wise and password protected their wireless WiFi signals.

    I think Fleet would rather go barefooted than to pay for Internet service. (Cheap b*st*rd.)

  3. indygirl88 says:

    Glad he’s doing well!

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