What the hell are we going to do now that football season is over?! Oh yeah. The Olympics have started! It’ll be fun to find an event of interest and veg out on winter sports. Russia will be there as sort of “lepers,” being tagged as OARs or Olympic Athletes from Russia. It’s because of the athletes’ steroid use over the past two Olympiads. Read about it here. If the Olympic events don’t hold your interest, we have just the thing below. Trade the remote for a mouse and get clicking.

Photos of the Opening Ceremony of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Nice Pics

Olympics Badminton Rant from 2004 [3:47] – fave

Galaxies: wonders of the winter sky [4:50]

Faceswapping, unethical videos, and future shock [6:40]

Falcon Heavy makes history [7:52]

What happened to Epic Meal Time? [6:53]

Thugs from different countries [5:15]


75 years of Wonder Woman [ 2:48]

Line Rider – Fade [4:28]


Jungle Boogie bears [2:16]

Katzenjammer – Der Kapitän [2:53]

Sandu Ciorba – Pe cimpoi [2:07] – fave


50-ton rock [?]

Best pirate I’ve ever seen [0:35]

Snow clearing at UK airports [0:29]


Jim Koch on Sam Adams’ New England IPA

Sediment in craft beer

Ice Cold [0:41] – fave

* Jiffs *


2017 NFL Playoffs Mini-Movie [15:01]

Lowrider Roll Models – Tomas Requejo [11:12]

Sumo wrestling in slow motion [8:02]

Thermal lance in action [3:41]

1953 Corvette [6:44] – Muscle Car of the Week

DiResta Push the Button [13:02]

Sawmill for very large timber [15:35]

Top 10 Greatest MMA Fighters [9:24]

Shelby Bay [0:39]

The Blues Brothers – Everybody Needs Somebody [3:27]

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