Frankly speaking

By Wednesday of this last week, my catch-all junk drawer app, Yojimbo, was successfully restored thanks to the Bare Bones tech support guy. The scenario unfolded like this:

  • I stated my problem in an email.
  • I received a reply with instructions to “Copy/paste this command in your Terminal (similar to a Windows command line) and send me the output.” Which I did.
  • “Copy/paste this command in the Terminal of your laptop and send the output.” Which I did.
  • “Copy the following line from this email and paste it at x/y/z and tell me what happened.”

It was all fixed. All back to normal. I promised the guy that I’d nominate him for an international award. The next event I’m waiting on is the Firefox update to version 59 which will allow me to drag images from the browser onto the desktop. That feature was lost or overlooked when FF went to v58 “Quantum.”

North central Flatland here got hit with quite few inches of snow Thursday into Friday. Schools were closed, roads were drifted and ditches displayed the occasional car parked the wrong way. Weather people are predicting another 2″ to 4″ by the end of Sunday. I long for the smell of barbecued steaks out on the patio grill.

February seems to hit us the hardest each year. It was back in ’11 when the sideways lightning and thunder blizzard took out our power for better than 8 hours. I remember it well. My wife and I sat at the dining room window. I was sipping on glassfuls of Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout while she yelled at all the idiot drivers going by in the blinding sideways snow.

I remember mentioning a Quiz/Survey plugin that’s ready on the site. I got into it briefly a couple of weeks back but got distracted. Probably by some scantily clad young babe with outstanding physical attributes. Either that, or it was those damn hidden object games that have become part of my repertoire. I’m working on it.

These last weeks of winter are usually the most difficult for most people. What the hell do we have to look forward to?! St. Patrick’s Day. The NCAA Final Four. April Fools’ Day. Well, look. The days are getting longer now, aren’t they?! We used to close the drapes and turn on the lights at 4:30 p.m. Now it’s 5:20. What does that all boil down to? We’re getting closer to goddam cricket season. If the winter weather helps the 2018 cricket brood to multiply in even greater numbers than before, I shall have only one recourse:

Thanks for stopping by. I still love doing this shit.

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