Aussie racing

1320video – shouts without being too loud.

He calls it OVERKILL – We call it PERFECT! Yes, There are TWO Turbos AND a Blower! By now, the whole world knows that Aussies don’t mess around when it comes to CRAZY and over the top, but this was pretty wild even for them! We caught Ben and his BADASS Boost Factory he bolted in between the wheels of a 1976 Ford Cortina! Stoked and ready to ROCK, Ben was preparing for his first Skid ever at Summernats while also hoping to break his current personal best skid of 14 seconds! Built from the motivation of being told he’d never get it to work, it was a particularly proud time as he showed off he CRAZY build! All show and PLENTY of go, this 1976 Ford Cortina laid down a nasty skid until a mechanical issue cut the run short. This is one car we can’t wait to see again!


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