Frankly speaking

As more and more people are born into this world, quite the majority of them grow up to be morons, idiots or just plain “special.” More and more of these people come into a world surrounded by themselves, oblivious to the world around them. Many of them are on the road while we’re driving. Their entire attention span is consumed by the content shown on their smartphones. It would be correct and also accurate to refer to these people as “Oblivions” somewhat similar to “Automatons.”

Corporate America seems to be pandering to this class of people who are soon to be in the majority. To keep readers on their websites, most of the news sites feature an extra hundred or thousand underscored pertinent links in the text of any given news story. More info for the reader. It’s like pate de fois gras where the geese are force fed for about 100 days before they are slaughtered for their livers. Before you know it, you have clicked on an unknown amount of pertinent links in one news story and and hour later, you find yourself fully engrossed in sheep shearing in Scotland. They are still auto-starting videos whether the video is on topic or not. I do not hate those guys. They are Oblivions.

Vertical videos are still in the mainstream. Facebook helped make vertical video okay. Smart phones with their high megapixel densities means nothing to the ham-handed narrow minded picture takers and movie makers. These people should have a smartphone handle where they can grip something vertical while recording horizontal. Something like a pistol with a smartphone holder at the end of the barrel. Hmm.

I’ve encountered a few sites that resort to a cheap tactic to get clicks. Take one image and cover a crucial part with a white box. When you click the link, 8 times out of 10 it’s just some shit image of food or a wall or shoe. Even I can do better.

Look at this shit!

View image.

Looks like we’re stuck in a world of idiots with bent necks and “Hey, look at me” aspirations. Those who record horizontal video at a concert or air show or a rocket launch are still missing out on the personal experience. You’ve been there. You’ve recorded it on your phone. You and 60 or 70 of you all held both arms above your heads recording videos. You personally did not see any of it. You were watching a tiny screen above your head while it recorded an event which was occurring right in front of you. You just might be an Oblivion.

Don’t get me started on selfies.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m elated that you stop by to read some of this shit.

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