Frankly speaking

I confess that I have a weakness for hidden object games. No WoW or GTA or SkyRim or PUBG for me. I’ll take a hidden object game over a match 3 game, but either/or/both would suffice. Sometimes Many times, my playing distracts me from doing something creative or necessary for the site. So I come with hat in hand (no one wears a hat anymore) and tail between my legs (that’s not a tail) to ask your indulgence and cut me some slack on my promises of late.

We’re mostly up to date on almost all things SPT with the exception of that Quiz/Survey plugin that’s been gathering dust. And the search for WP compatible code for the Interrobang. And the code to have all images, internal and external to open in a new window or tab. It’s the games, I tell you. The games!

My peeves still remain due to the fact that the websites I visit still auto run their videos which take forever to load. There are still many things “I need to know” about irrelevant shit in Africa or CES or some other isolated place or incident. I still don’t read articles because the author had a life changing experience or he/she/it/they adored/loved/despised it. People still don’t give a rat’s ass.

People don’t care unless it’s about them.

  • Toyota Tundra truck frames susceptible to rust-through. Here’s what you need to know.
  • My Tundra frame buckled at 70 mph and I thought I was going to die! My wife loved it!
  • I fixed my Tundra truck frame with Sugru and drove it for another 200,000 miles!
  • Toyota Tundra hit by RPGs. All that remained was the frame. “It was incredible!
  • I found a cat living in my rusted Tundra frame. Isn’t he/she/it/they adoribals?

I know I’ve said this before. When it comes time to post on the site, I reluctantly drag myself away from what I was rapt in and get to posting. Within a few minutes I’m back in that comfort place and nothing else matters but what I’m doing. I love doing this shit.

I posted all of the words this evening and I loved it! Is not i am adoribals?



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