Frankly speaking

This bizarre cold weather will come to an end tomorrow and get warmer through the week. It’s predicted that Thursday will hit 50°. That’s frikkin’ nuts. But then again, this is frikkin’ Illinois. At the first sign of melting, it would be a good idea for me to fill my windshield washer reservoir and replace the dead headlight in the Tundra lest I get pulled over by the gendarme. Some casualties of cold weather war. The battery in my wife’s Cruze died. It was the original and lasted for 6 or so years. Wouldn’t it be great if car batteries had a popup indicator signaling you that the battery is done?! Just like some of those Thanksgiving turkeys.

The guy behind the counter at the local beer store reminded me that in two weeks, on January 21st, one month of winter will be gone. Only two more months to go. I don’t know how, but that lifted my spirits. I forgot about it when I posted the nightly temp to the sidebar. So far this winter has been like being in a deep, dark, frozen manhole. Looking up reveals a small white dot of spring time.

I drove to Channahon this afternoon to get a haircut. The lady who cuts my hair has been doing it since 1998, since the days when we both worked at the casino in Joliet. She does a great job on mens’ hair and you can’t beat ten bucks for the job and some pleasant conversation. She talked me into following her to a newly opened brew pub called River Hawk. She wanted to experience and learn about the different styles of beer and have me explain what they are. A couple of homebrewers decided to open up a place and brew beer for the locals. Maybe a dozen beers, a half dozen wine varieties and no food. A food truck stations nearby on the weekends or, you can bring your own food or order a pizza delivered. Bare bones.

The entire menu was posted on a blackboard to the left of the counter (bar) seating area. Names and ABVs were posted but not the prices. We each ordered a flight of four 5-ounce glasses to sample. Each one of the beers was flavorful and was an example of their individual styles. A couple of samples were sweet, fruity and brewed for the ladies who don’t really like beer but accompany their beer guzzling boyfriends.

I pestered the ladies behind the bar with questions: What kind of hops are used in this beer? (…) How big is the brewing system? (31 barrels) Was this beer dry hopped? (…) Do you use any New Zealand hops? (…) Their double IPA was damn good at 13% and had some nice body and a fruity hop bitterness. They fill growlers from any brewery but the prices seemed steep for a half-gallon of craft beer. I see myself visiting there in the near future.

Gotta hit Brickstone out in Bourbonnaise near Kankakee one of these days. I hear their Dark Secret imperial stout will grow hair on a cue ball. You heard it here first.

We kinda talked about beer today. I enjoyed it. Both the talking and the beer.

Look for something new in the form of quizzes and surveys in the next coupla weeks. As soon as I find out how to manage it, we’ll have some fun.

Thanks for stopping by. Yes. I still love doing this shit.

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  1. SkipHerr says:

    Happy New Year Frank! Keep on Keeping on Brother…

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I hope the best for you and yours for 2018. Thanks, man.

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