Frankly speaking

It’s 11:40 p.m. as I start typing this. I’m hoping to get done by midnight. I am imposing deadlines on myself as if I had to answer to a higher power. I’ve done that all my life with all the higher powers I served and all the deadlines that they imposed. So screw it. If it’s late… it’s bloody late. At midnight, it’ll be 6 a.m. in London and 5 p.m. in Sydney. Here it’s midnight. Soon I’ll get tired of pounding on this keyboard and soon, my eyes will quit focusing long enough to make anything constructive or creative worthwhile. Life will go on.

Illinois, the Land of Lincoln with its City of Broad Shoulders and beans and corn and corn and beans, is now officially a frozen tundra (no relation to my truck.) My wife and I live in a house that’s well over a hundred years old. Insulation technology back then was minimal if at all and we’ve done what we could to try to keep the house warm. Draped over most of our kitchen chairs are the supplemental garments that we will grab and put on depending on the temp inside. The back door has insulating bags filled with rice to seal up where drafts come in. The bags also can be used for heating pads. I’m all layered up as I type. It’s 67° in the dining room.

At some point last week, our furnace hit its saturation point where it couldn’t provide enough heat input to counter the heat loss in this old house. Consequently, the furnace motor has been running ever since. Late at night, the only thing to be heard would be the muted hum of the furnace motor. The last Harley diehard drive-by was December 15th.

I long for the warmth of summer until I think of the flies and mosquitoes and those goddam crickets! All of the above thoughts are not complaints. They’re merely descriptions of what is now. Soon, 2017 will be over and the new year will propel us with new hopes and new optimism. Based on what?! The same politicians, the same social violence and injustices. Shit. I don’t want to get myself started.

Best wishes from me, Frank, to all of you who visit this website whenever you can. I still love doing this shit. Happy New Year.


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2 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Jerry says:

    And a Happy New Year to you also. Hell, my house is only 25 years old and we have the same heating problem. At least the furnace blower does shut off occasionally. We could turn up the thermostat but Comed and Nicor has way TOO f***ing much of my money already. DAMN utilities and Illinois politicians.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Wow! A fellow Illinoisan. So you too live in Flatland, USA. We may have seen each other and never knew it.

    My wife does wonders with our finances and the only “utility” that we complain about the most is Comcast. Screw them and Ruck Fauner.

    Stay warm, guy.

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