Frankly speaking

We live in a world filled with wonderful things that don’t quite work the way they should. I spilled my guts on the MacOS High Sierra – Firefox 57 scenario recently. In the overall scheme of things, both items work quite well, but both items don’t work quite well enough. Something’s missing, lacking, overlooked or misplaced. For now, I live with what I have been given for free and try not to complain too loudly when they don’t work.

CNN and other news sites are forcing autoplaying videos down our throats thinking that maybe we need more information than fits on a page. Where did the “standard flow of information” get derailed? Who decided to give us more than we need?

One thing finally hit home for me. Robert Mugabe gets ousted as president of Zimbabwe. A Goog News headline clinched it for me: Mugabe out as president of Zimbabwe. Here’s what you need to know. Without any prior thought about Africa, Zimbabwe or Mugabe, I now have some items that I need to know. Why do I need to know this? How do these actions in Africa affect my life in such a way that I need to know about them? These are rhetorical questions not requiring an answer but I don’t particularly care for this style of writing as well. There’s no proper punctuation mark that I can access easily that would signal to the reader that the question was rhetorical. The interobang is missing. I need the interobang desperately.

Wait. I Did a Goog search on “what you need to know.” Look at what I need to know about other stuff from the first page. Amazing. I better catch up on this info before I’m castigated and vilified as being out of the loop.

Another trend that I see while cruising YouTube are ridiculous questions that have been turned into videos.

What would happen if the Earth got sucked into Jupiter?
What if Japan won the Civil War?
What if a sinkhole the size of the entire Earth opened up on the Earth?
What would happen if the moon suddenly became the size of a marble?

All of the above are mere minor irritations when you consider those who are proposing the questions: distracted millennials who may or may not be under some chemical or pharma influence. They gaze in wide wonder at the universe around them and ask silly questions. Those channels who decide to answer and show a video, usually have someone who looks the same, but explains in easy to understand fashion what the answer is, all the while gesturing the same three gestures with hands and arms.

When the holidays finally finish, I will have some time to test if cheese will taste the same if soaked in an imperial stout for 30 days. Or a DIPA. Hmm. I wonder how a leafblower would perform on the moon. My favorite… if our knees bent the other way, what would chairs look like?

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