Frankly speaking

I’ve turned a jaundiced eye towards Apple and Firefox. It’ll last maybe three days.

Two weeks ago, in a period boredom or lack of adventure, I decided to pull the trigger and update to High Sierra, Mac OS 10.13. Afterwards, a number of apps that I rely on started exhibiting missing or different features. Emails were sent out, replies were received telling me to be patient. The app guys know about it and they’re working on it.

Then Firefox went to version 57. Things went south pretty quickly after that. I couldn’t drag and drop images from web pages onto the desktop. The file extension would disappear. The preferences were all different and wouldn’t allow me to to chose Preview as the default app for jpeg files. Too much time was spent searching for answers so I switched to Chrome as my default browser. Again. Big mistake.

Chrome is no picnic either. I need an icon in the toolbar which would allow me to open a new window. Nope, I have to pull down the File menu to get that. Inconito (private) browsing can not be enabled as default without jumping through hoops. When Incognito is finally enabled, other shit, like smooth scrolling doesn’t work. Bookmarks after import are a mess; there are some here, some there, and how can I clear my browser history, cache and cookies in one fell swoop? Ya can’t. It opens up a new window where you can do that. Then you close that window and then close Chrome.I tried, I really tried to get Chrome to where I would be comfortable with it, but it fought me every other step.

After futzing with Chrome for three days, trying to get it to work the way I want it, I decided to go back to the home camp of Firefox and deal with the jpeg problem. That was the only thing that was wrong, and I found two workarounds.

Comcast has sent a letter to our household letting us know that they will be increasing the Internet speeds for us. However, the modem that we have, which I bought, won’t be able to handle the faster speeds, or so they say. I could either rent one from Comcast or buy a new modem to handle these “faster speeds.” I choose to wait until my present modem modem starts getting hot from these increased speeds, slows way down or starts to smoke and stink. Then I’ll think about it again.

I think about the other poor souls who are worse off than I (me.) The homeless, The guy holding the sign at the exit ramp. The people who have to walk to and from work everyday, especially during this holiday season. Maybe I should invite one of them inside and ask if they can fix Chrome and make it do what I want. Or fix the Firefox jpeg issue. Or look at the rust on the Tundra frame.


Still love doing this shit. Thanks for stopping by.

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