Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail – How The Best Is Done

Goose Island released their 2017 Bourbon County Brand Stout to the public on Friday. I was ‘lucky’ and picked up one of their 14.2%, 16.9-ounce bottles of BCBS for $13.50. I’ll bring it to my son’s Dark Saturday party tonight and have it get in line with all of the other pitch black, high ABV beers from 3Floyds and other breweries.

For this long Saturday video, the feature is bourbon and one guy who hit Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail in search of the best of this original American spirit. Still largely made by hand, with secret recipes passed down through generations… go inside an award-winning distillery to see how the best is done. Pay attention to the barrels. That’s where WE get OUR stuff from when they are finished with it. Think FOBAB.  Festival of Barrel Aged Beers.


Video link.

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  1. fretwalker says:

    Fun Fact: There are more bourbon barrels in the Commonwealth of Kentucky than there are citizens in the state!

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