Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s finally here. Today’s the day for family gatherings, good food and giving thanks to whatever Entity created it. Today we eat like kings while the little ones create the pitter-patter of hoof beats on the floor. Someone will tell a dirty joke. Someone else, probably Uncle Henry, will fart out loud as usual at least once. Aunt Eleanor will go outside the outline of her lips with her lipstick and make a smudge on one of her front teeth. Grampa will be obscenely descriptive in his story telling to the point where the young mothers will round up the laughing children at his feet and herd them outside to avoid any more exposure to Grampa. One of the uncles will bring in a case of fine liqueur from Europe and proceed to drink most of it himself. And someone will have a bodily fluids accident and will disappear, only to show up later wearing someone else’s oversized clothes. There will be a lot of laughing. The toilet be used to the point where the water tank never stops filling between people using it. It will be a holiday to remember.

Also remember those who are on duty defending our country and can’t be home because of it and those who have to be at work today because of necessity (police, fire fighters, etc.)

I’m thankful that I’m healthy and have a wonderful family. In addition, I’m thankful for all you guys who visit this website when you can. I think you love reading about how I love doing this shit. Thanks.

For today I’ll reach into the bag and grab a handful of Slinks, throw it against the wall and see what sticks. Here are some Slinks in no particular order:

Thanksgiving Etiquette [2:28] – fave

Talking to turkeys [0:33]

Cranberry harvest [1:55]

Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven [8:14]

Bill Swerski’s Super Fans: Thanksgiving [7:33]

Thanksgiving beer pairings – drink what you like


Snowfall in Vladivostok [4:49] – Blyat! Count ’em.

Ball & plate control [3:31] – fave

Some Quickies

245 people jump off a bridge [0:45]

Dog runs on sheep [0:17]

Bow trick shots [0:55]


Lowrider Role Models

Rudy Campos & His 1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster [10:24]

Cesar Lozano & His 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS [9:44]

Albert Gutierrez & His 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air [10:47]

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