Day by day, the mercury in the thermometer falls a little farther down the graduated scale. These days, thermometers have alcohol inside for safety’s sake. It’s ethanol, just like what’s in beer. I’d venture to say that the liquid in one of today’s thermometers is an Imperial Rad ale. Yep. In the thermometer. Don’t break one open to taste it though. It’s nasty. A new fact to clog up your brain cell pathways this Sunday.

Nice Pics

Bicycle Honeys

Persistence of Vision [1:45]

The Lava Lamps that help keep the Internet secure [3:59]

Mark Zuckerberg vs. Native Hawaiians [7:09]

High tech Audi [6:53]

That one Blockbuster in Alaska [3:45]

Laser Man show [5:23]

The Flying Man [9:23] – Sci-fi short fave



Cavemen [5:37]

The Itch [1:57]


Earl “Snake Hips” Tucker [1:53]

Harry Roy & His Orchestra “My Girl’s Pussy” [3:15]

Lucille Bogan – Shave ‘Em Dry – [4:24]


Dinosaur roar from an elephant [0:26]

Tanker truck forces car off the road [1:03] – Blyat!

2008 Toronto propane explosion [0:37]


Consider pairing beer with your Thanksgiving turkey

A Guide To Guilt Free Black Friday Beer Lines

Beer Advocate changed their rating system again [3:51]

* Jiffs *


.460 S&W Magnum Revolver [7:09]

MLB- Game losing errors [6:53]

Things to know about lumber [3:51]

NFL’s most brutal hits [14:10]

1966 Plymouth Belvedere II Convertible 426 Hemi [6:16]

Tractor pull engine explosions [10:20]

Building industrial robots [9:13]

Dash cam crashes [10:17]

Burlesque [2:27]

Golden Earring – Radar Love [5:03]

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