Frankly speaking

I have a plugin that counts the number of views per post. I subscribe to a service which tracks site visits. There’s another plugin which draws a curve based on the daily visits per month. The HostGator server reports on traffic by day and by month. None of the numbers match. I have no definite idea of how many visitors come to SixPackTech based on what’s plugged in. None of these services can tell which visitor is a reader or a bot or some malcontent. Based on the server data, SPT is realizing about 1,000 visits per day. Could be people, could be telemarketers, could be Russians. Blyat! SPT will chug along as long as I chug along.

I’ve often wondered where this site falls on the human scale of things. We have the cars, some tech, plenty of humor, some beer and a few babes. Consider you’re watching the 10 o’clock news just before bed. You get all the latest that happened that day, some human interest stories, the weather, sports and then the wind up. Finally there’s a humorous or odd or weird or crazy video that they feature last. I think that’s what SPT is. That final segment that holds your interest or makes you smile all spread out in 9 or 10 posts per day.

I’ve tried to fill every niche of every day with something that will hold the readers’ interests. I realize that I take every other week off from pounding out a brew review, but now that I’m older and slowing down, I sometimes enjoy just sitting in front of the Internet and going places I never could back when I was a teenager and had a thirst for knowledge.

I have no idea how many readers are male and how many are female. I have no idea about the race of readers who visit, nor do I care about what religion you subscribe to. I don’t care if you drive a Ford or a Chevy or a Dodge. Or even a Prius. I’m truly glad that you come to visit this place and withstand that goddam 10-second load time. I gotta do something about that.

Regardless, I really appreciate you stopping by whenever you can. After all these years, I still love doing this shit.

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4 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Carlo says:

    Greating from Holland! Enjoying your site for years now and the daily stop at your place is still a beacon :-) keep up the good work!

    Best Regards from Amsterdam,

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Carlo, I’m honored. Thanks for chiming in.

  3. xja says:

    Cheers from Italy!
    I can’t remember how and when I came to know this site, but it’s been in my bookmarks ever since and I come to visit every now and again.

  4. fcgrabo says:

    Holy shmoley! Italy. My face hurts from smiling. Thanks for commenting. Salute.

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