Frankly speaking

Saturday’s weather was absolute shit all day. It rained with off and on pouring cats and dogs and the saber rattling of thunder off in the distance. It always rains cats and dogs.Now, at the time of this writing at 10 p.m. CDT, we’re under a tornado watch. I thought tornadoes don’t work in the dark. No, wait. Tornadoes still work but they rotate in the opposite direction.

What if it rained tits and ass? I’d be outside during the downpour enjoying every minute of it. But raining tits and ass would be much quieter and softer than raining cats and dogs. The noise on the roof would be a subdued “boop” as each soft, pink globe made contact. Too many large areolas would clog the downspouts. I can dream, can’t I?

While at the homebrew club meeting last night, I was informed that the guy with the white Chevy Silverado still has it for sale and it’s still parked in his front yard. I really seriously gave it some thought. My son, Dave, even offered to perform a full presale inspection at his shop. “Ask the guy if you could have a mechanic check it out for about an hour. I’ll getcha in an out in a flash.”

I thought about it. The Chevy had no carpeting, no power windows. The creature comforts were lacking. Originally, the seller was asking $7000 for the 2005 truck with 116k miles. And my truck had frame cancer but still ran like a champ. And the driver’s seat had my assprint permanently embedded. I decided to stick with the Tundra and ride it out until the frame buckles with me in it. Or my kids take my driver’s license away because I got too goddam old and can’t drive worth shit any more. It could happen.

Speaking of it could happen, the Cubs are in the running again, having advanced to the penultimate series of games before the world series. However, the Dodgers seem like formidable foes and the Cubbies might be facing an uphill battle.

All the Weekly Babes from all the years are available once again. All that remains of relevance from the old NextGen Gallery are a ton of past Honeys and car galleries. But for me, the pressure’s off. I hope you enjoy it. Lotta nice girls, heh. – ZZTop – LaGrange.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. Yep, still love doin’ it. Doin’ what, ya say? This website shit. I still love it.

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