The dog days of summer are here and they’re going to last until next Wednesday at least. That’s when Mother Nature will realize she missed the autumnal equinox on September 21st (Bah-Di-Ah.) Next official seasonal change will be Halloween when it will rain and blow and snow and fart all at the same time. Trick or Treat em-effers. Oktoberfest is still going on. Get your fill of all the different-but-same Marzen style beers. It’s okay. The pumpkin beers will wait.

Nice Pics

Oktoberfest Honeys

The Lion City II [4:42]

Cassini’s last images [4:52]

Odd Pics

The Man Behind a Mysterious Miniature Town [9:14]

What’s in a cigarette? [3:48]

Don’t Get Screwed Buying A Used Car [3:27]

Concorde flight – NY to London 2003 [8:53]
The Soviet Concorde – TU-144 [6:49]

The best of Max Headroom [4:45]

DLP Projector Stereolithography 3D Printer [12:05] – The Engineer Guy


Magic Paper [2:11]

Redone [4:07]


Street band called Yes, Ma’am [4:47]

Sluetown Strutters/Yes Ma’am – “Squishin’ Bees” [4:25]


Lexus Lane Valet [0:45]

Buggy jump [0:07]

Opinions on the Internet [0:33]

Bodybuilder on security cam [0:51]


Guide to brewery jobs

Rise of the beer bots

The fox hat [0:20] – fave (more info)

* Jiffs *


Pool construction time lapse [8:39]

Stadium conversion – Clippers to Lakers [3:45]

Fastest scores in NFL history (within 15 seconds) [8:28]

Making a Viking drinking horn [7:55]

1969 Ford Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet 4 Speed Convertible [6:07] – Muscle Car of the Week

Dangerous overtaking by drivers [10:22]

Best MMA KOs of 2017 so far [11:15]

Making an AR-15 lower out of soda cans [18:57]

The Man Show Tribute [4:08]

Mötley Crüe – Girls, Girls, Girls (Live, Moscow 1989) [4:50]

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