Sunday comes with cooler temps. Will we ever see 80° again? The days this last week were cool, breezy and clear, with large poofy clouds overhead. Beer stores have already taken in a supply of Oktoberfest brews and we’ll see how the pumpkin styles sell at a time when pretty much everyone is sick of ’em. Slinks are lined up below. Get crackin’.

(Jeff in Florida! Are you still with us?!)

Nice Pics

Naughty Wind

What Hurricane Harvey left behind [4:26]

How to stop a riot [10:17]

$20,000 steampunk workstation [1:36]

The rules of Pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) [5:32]

World’s cheapest Tesla [13:51]

Best of Buster Keaton’s stunts [5:00]

Category 5 winds [2:56]


LEGO GTA [2:58]

The Factory [1:00]

Ghost [1:00]


The sound of Australia [0:37]

Unendurable Line [2:04]

Olavsky – Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme) [1:37]


Michigan beer chair [0:30]

Evolution door [0:34]

Mosquitoes swarm following Harvey [0:25]


Bud Light and GoT (Dilly, dilly!)

Oregon beer commercial [0:59]

Writing about pumpkin beer

* Jiffs *


 Why do we fall? [3:00]

Fittest soldier [6:31]

Russian dash cam crashes [10:12]

Mike Tyson and the D’Amato Shift [6:17]

Muscle Car of the Week

Security camera compilation [6:01]

Two Million Dollar 1969 Dodge Daytona [4:39]

Turning firewood into a masterpiece [8:10]

Charley Atwell glamour shoot [1:00]

Bad Company – Rock And Roll Fantasy [3:23]

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2 Responses to Slinks

  1. Jeff says:

    Still here, we’re just now starting to feel the effects. It’s not supposed to be on us until 2am or so. It’s gonna be windy, but we’re riding it out! I’ll let ya know and thanks for your concerns Frank.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Stay safe, dude. You and your family both.

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