Frankly speaking

I’m really concerned about all the folks that live in Florida, in the path of Hurricane Irma. I hope all goes better than what the weather people are predicting. I hope the people do what they can to stay alive.

I’m happy to say that last week’s Sudden Poll revealed for the most part, that all is well with the Humpday Honey topics. It may have been the largest number of votes on the poll so far. Thanks for burning that .006 calorie by clicking your choice. I’ll have to find a way to include comments. I’ll make a note and stick it.

About three days ago, I drove by that white Silverado that was for sale and it was gone. A tad bit disappointed, I just let it go. It wasn’t the first time that I waited too long before making a financial decision. I should have bought Apple stock way back when it was $88 a share. I should have bought Google stock when it had its IPO. I should have bought Microsoft stock but I didn’t and still don’t want to. Don’t get me started.

I received a text from one of my boys. The Chevy is back and it’s still for sale. I just might stop by tomorrow and have a chin wag with the owner.

House hunting is in limbo for now. No one wants to move when it’s cold outside. Besides, we have so much shit in this house now, that we’d have to buy one house to store it all in and move into another one. Who knows, we may just rent a 53′ trailer and semi tractor, put all of our stuff in there and truck it out to Burning Man next year for the big fire. It’s truly amazing how much crap we have accumulated over the 40 years we’ve lived here. Relevant.

There are two more years worth of Weekly Babe galleries yet to restore. I have been remiss (took the week off) and I’ll be more diligent in getting the Babes back. You’ll just have to settle for what there is. Also, I have to fix the Readers’ Rides gallery that went away one day. I have a reminder for myself stuck to the monitor.

Every morning when I get out of bed, I check to see if I can remember what day it is and if I can still find my ass with both hands. So far so good. Another day of doing the shit I love to do. Thanks for stopping by.

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