It’s Sunday, the eve of the Great Solar Eclipse which will probably blind a few Darwin Award candidates. If you are going to participate in watching the astronomical event, borrow a friend’s welding mask. Or just do the pinhole thing in a box. Good luck finding those NASA approved glasses because everybody wants them. The entire event will last less than 3 minutes. Why wasn’t there this much hoopla back in 1986 for Halley’s Comet?

Solar Eclipse 101 [4:57]

The Woodward Dream Cruise
Click the picture then click “fullscreen”  at upper right.

Nice Pics


China’s policy on North Korea [11:12] – Caspian Report

The Alaskan town full of bald eagles [3:00]

How To Anchor a Mega-Ship [7:46]

Manhole replacement in Germany [10:07]

Action Movie Kid vol. 6 [7:34]


LEGO in real life [2:07]

Animator vs. Animation (original) [2:01]


Earth, Sand & Fire [4:01]

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky [4:17]

Musical flash mob [5:40] – fave


Trains in distress [0:15]

Islamic death metal mosh pit [0:47]

Disney’s amazing Shaman animatronic display [0:44]


Eclipse beers

From beer to bread and back again

* Jiffs *


Amazing miniature engines [7:17]

Knife sheath [4:43]

Roller Derby from 1973 – SF Bay Bombers & New York Chiefs [6:19]

The hardest puncher in boxing [10:11]

1968 Chevrolet Corvette L89 Coupe [5:45] – Muscle Car of the Week

More office projects [8:53] – Frank Howarth

Swamp buggy racing [13:00]

Fist of Legend – Jet Li vs. Chin Siu-Hou [3:02]

Romanitic_Sexy [2:24]

John Mellencamp – Lonely Ol’ Night [4:31]

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