It’s Sunday and we are sitting fat, dumb and happy in the low 80s and loving it here in Flatland. No rain scheduled (predicted) until next Thursday. Indoors, on the desktop or laptop computer, it is equally nice. Because Slinks. Look at ’em all. Just look.

Nice Pics

Nice Cars


A tour of the moon [4:39]

The future of trucking [6:54]

Why Chinese manufacturing wins [11:03]

Scariest tornado [10:16]

Screaming, bouncing hydrogel balls [1:48]


Ad for the 2012 Olympic Games [2:40]

Pinky and the Brain [1:28]

Meet the Medic [4:09] Team Fortress

Three ’70s classics

Looking Glass – Brandy [2:44]

Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride [3:42]

Green Eyed Lady – Sugarloaf [6:49]

And this one
Europe On Off [2:45]


Heavy metal geezer [0:10]

Grown man vs. crab [0:03]

Curb your rioting [0:26]


Is Beer Getting Too Complex? Bud Light Thinks So

No more talking shit in Sam Smith’s pubs

Hop vodka for beer

* Jiffs *


Best table run in 8-ball pool [5:47]

The Kriss Vector [6:59] – FPSRussia – remember him?

2017 MLB ejections [9:25]

.50 cal vs. railroad track [7:43]

Sleepers! [6:35] – Muscle Car of the Week

DiResta prop gold bricks [6:00]

Interstate showdown – action scene from Sicario [4:09]

We rode in a Monster Truck [4:40]

The chair split [0:35]

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good [8:06]

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