Frankly speaking

Could there ever be a more perfect summer than this? A few days in the 90s, a couple of really windy days, no hail, but the early tornadoes did their damage and left. Nothing but peace and scattered rain since then. But sad to say, the next brood of goddam crickets will be upon us before you know it.

To punctuate this great summer, a solar eclipse will make an arced path from Oregon to Georgia. Our nearest vantage point would be in St. Louis, but we’ll stay home to witness what we can see.

My wife and I witnessed an eclipse back in the early ’90s, viewing it through a welding mask that I bought for a class at the junior college. The eclipse was awesome enough through the dark glass and what our surroundings looked like without the mask was quite spooky. The sky took on a different tinge and the greens of the grass and leaves looked very odd, almost like Armageddon was upon us.

The search for a replacement truck is slow getting started. Searches online and a look through local dealers’ lots all have trucks that are way out of the budget, but they sure look nice. Just understand that the Mighty Tundra is not a rust bucket. There are certain areas of concern, surely, but chances are, she’ll be my basic transport for quite some time. Ya never know… something may come up.

Why another truck at age 70? Because trucks are in my blood. If I can’t utilize it to my own advantage, it’ll be there for any of the kids or friends who want to haul materials or goods from one place to another. Also, based on driving my wife’s Cruze, it’s always nice to step DOWN when getting out rather than stepping up. Looking fr some Chevy product, but not particularly one of their 5-cylinder-powered “small” trucks. (Four is not enough and six is too much.) Who the hell drives on 5 cylinders?

Life is tough when your shit wears out and there’s not enough money to buy new. But when you think of it, life is tough everywhere, and for many, there’s no money at all to think about. And then you wear out.


I plan on putting in some tome on Sunday to get the 2011 Weekly Babes restored. Stay tuned.

Thanks again for visiting. And as odd as it may seem, I still love doing this shit.

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