Summer progresses normally but we here in Flatland have been experiencing rain showers off and on almost every day last week. Some lawns are over 6″ tall. Now I’m not complaining. Summer will be over before we know it and it’ll leave in its wake a horde of goddam crickets. But for now, enjoy the summertime, rain or shine. It’s a good time to be alive.

Fun with Statues

Venezuelan mannequins

Prelude FLNG [1:04]

Facebook’s A.I. robots [2:38]

How a smartphone knows up from down [4:24]

Tour of the SR-71 Blackbird [14:22]

Battery of the future [5:25]

The story behind PayPal [10:09]

An old grain elevator [15:55]


Kapture: Fluke [4:51]

Madness Combat 1 [2:06]

Special Delivery [7:08]


Alan Gogoll – Mulberry Mouse [3:03]

Everybody’s Pants Now [1:07]

Sexy Fingers [1:53]


Scary crosswind landing [0:41]

“Chip it out” [0:30]

Coed bathroom [0:27]


Anchor Brewing bought by Sapporo

BrewDog’s bar on the edge

The 1814 London Beer Flood

* Jiffs *


Field day [5:23] – drift

How the pros sharpen table saw blades [9:20]

BattleBots 2017 Highlights [8:13]

Medieval MMA, Kukurkhoev vs Andreev [5:44]

1965 Pontiac GTO Tiger Gold 389 4-Speed [4:56] – Muscle Car of the Week
Also Ronnie & the Daytonas [2:43]

Straight down the barrel [11:50]

Barn Find Hunter | Chevy C1 Corvette [17:41]

Erasing the whiteboard [1:17]

Van Halen – Runnin’ With the Devil [3:31]

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