Frankly speaking

I brought the Mighty Tundra to the auto shop that my son, Dave works for. He’s the shop manager and for the most part, everything goes through him. I just wanted to get my truck up on a rack and take a look for myself to see what condition my condition was in.

The hoist legs were adjusted and up she went. Out came the drop light and Dave and I went over the undercarriage. The frame of the truck looked pretty good at first glance but Dave, with his experienced eyes, pointed out the old Toyota recall area which was in regards to the frame rusting out under the bed in some areas. The Toyota dealer sprayed a thick coat of goo-goo, sort of a Rhino Liner coating pretty much on all surfaces of the frame that they could reach. (Hello, Rusty Jones.)

But wait, there’s more. The lower control arm bushings needed attention. The front sway-bar attachment points to the frame are on their way out. The same was true for the rear axle spring mounting bracket attachment points. Also the truck bed was rusting from underneath just above the frame. It never showed through to the bed because of the coating I had applied when the truck was new.

Dave said, “Chevy trucks are the reverse of Toyota. The frames last forever but the bodies rust out. Starts in the fender wells.” Thanks, Dave, that’s good to know.

The exhaust was in poor shape, showing every area where it had been patched over the years. The Flowmaster cat-back system has been good to me. The aluminum alloy rims are all pitted and embedded with dirt, but the brakes are good, and the tailgate has a new $140 handle installed. And there’s no goddam Check Engine light.

Looks like the writing’s on the wall for the old girl. I’m in the market for a Silverado and research starts Monday. I won’t buy a Dodge and A Ford is at the bottom of the list. The price of living in Illinois and traveling heavily salted interstates in the winter has manifested itself. Shit.


The G3 iMac is awaiting my decision to leave the OS as is on a new hard drive, or turn it into a gaming machine. I like that idea and it bears looking into. Meanwhile, we keep bumping into the setup on the bookcase behind me.


Incidentally, the Weekly Babes for 2012 have been brought back and are available for viewing from the menu bar option at the top of the main page or from the announcement in the right sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by. I mean it, no shit.

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