It’s a glorious Sunday here in Flatland. The temp is around 80° and everyone outside is smiling. If you haven’t been outside yet, stop reading and take a walk out to the front sidewalk and look around. Put your hands on your lower back and bend backwards like the old farts do. Take a few deep breaths. Relish the fact that it’s a great day to be alive. You’ll smile. Then go back inside where the Slinks are still waiting.

Nice Pics

Pretty Girls

Concept car gallery – ’09

The Tesla Model 3 [6:57]

What if we merge human and machine? [9:02]

Oldsmobile’s coal powered engine [3:00]

Uber’s electric flying taxis [12:41] – Cold Fusion

Hacker fired a locked smart gun [6:25]

Bavarian Weisswurst Robot [4:09]


You have a dirty mind [2:12]

Totally normal household objects [1:33]

The Art of Spychecking [5:13]


2016 Top Secret Drum Corps [6:22]

If Game of Thrones was made in the ’80s [1:34]

The O’Jays – Love Train [2:19] – your earworm of the day


Delayed by a train [0:49]

Very loud cockatoo [0:15]

Made in China [0:09]

Loud exhaust [0:14] – fave


Craft Beer, Brought To You By Big Beer

Beer Flights: The Smart Way to Drink

Home brewing [4:12]

* Jiffs *


DiResta builds shop shelves courtesy of DeWalt [8:20]

Robot Pro-Wrestling [10:17]

U2 Spy plane
Takeoff [3:22]
Landing [5:20]

Making a block and tackle wooden pulley system [13:07]

Fastest knockouts in MMA [7:36]

Nassau Blue 1966 Corvette L72 427 / 425 HP [4:32] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best fight scenes of Donnie Yen [6:55]

Crushing and shredding [13:17]

Zen Arts Burlesque Dancers [1:39]

Dire Straits – The Bug [4:22]

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