Frankly speaking

I’m still pissed about screwing up the beer review. I have formulated a new plan for the next one. Rather than type into Mac’s Pages app, I’ll type right into WordPress. It saves posts every 10 seconds or so. …another sip of beer. Ahhh.

On my way to Ottawa this afternoon, I stopped for gas. After adding the gas, I replaced the gas cap and noticed that I could grab the sealed gas cap and physically move it in and out about a half-inch. Something underneath was loose or missing. A son stopped by to vist when I returned and I asked him to check it out.

“Is this normal?” I asked. He got down underneath and shined a light up at the inside of the gas filler neck. “Okay, do it again.” I obliged.

“Your filler neck hold-down bracket has rotted away. Ya see, the thing with Toyotas is that they rot out from underneath. The body stays nice and shiny while the undercarriage rusts away. You need a new truck.”

Well isn’t that just ducky. All for an unstable gas cap. She’s only 15 years old. I know what I gotta do.

I’ve made a promise to take my grandson to the Elgin Public House for their highly acclaimed, world renowned sloppy Joe sandwiches. Watch the video here where an obnoxious ass goes into the kitchen. The kid and I have been to Iowa where we ate the legendary Maid Rite loose meat sandwiches and we’ve been to Merichka’s in Joilet for one of their Poor Boy sammies. He told me that when he get’s his driver’s license, he’ll drive us to Wisconsin to get a Solly’s Butter Burger. On that trip, I’ll ask for a defibrillator to take along and that the grandson takes and passes a class in CPR.

Thanks for stopping by. Some days, doing this shit is a pain in the ass. But I still love it.

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