After a few days of stifling 90° heat, we will have a couple more hot and muggy days until the weather gets tired and we are returned to the more enjoyable mid 80s. We can now come out of air conditioned homes and enjoy nature once again. Unless you have to work. Sorry. The weather will wait until you get off and the Slinks will be right here. If you don’t have to work, why not dive in right now?

Boston Globe staff pictures

Naughty wind

A gallery from ’09 called Racks

Pluto flyover [2:00]

The Middle East’s cold war explained [10:18]

The ocean is much deeper than you think [6:52]

How to fix traffic forever [11:05]

The Saltstraumen Maelstrom: the world’s most powerful tidal current [2:31]

American Chuan [4:50]


Skeleton vs. ghost [0:39]

Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle) [5:51]


Introduction to music [5:07]

Wikidrummer [2:13]

Bottles and train [0:45]


Illusion painting [1:05]

Tibetan singing water bowl [0:50]

Over-inflating a tractor tire [0:43] – only in Russia

Dog scream in 3 seconds [0:03]


Big beer is evil: Greg Koch, Stone Brewing  – video

50 commercial clone beer recipes

DFH 120 Minute: old vs. new

* Jiffs *


Homemade drone catcher [9:20]

More pissed off goalies [14:34]

 Make a post jack out of 2x4s [5:41]

Rollin’ coal on a Mustang

Wicked Aussie shotgun slug [8:25]

1967 Camaro SS396 375 HP Convertible [6:18] – Muscle Car of the Week

UFC President Dana White on the Mayweather-McGregor Fight [7:48] – Kimmel

Sexy Marie [1:38]

Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice [4:16]

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