Frankly speaking

The Tundra is back and it didn’t need brakes. They said there’s plenty of meat left on the pads front and rear. The noise I was hearing was from a bent sheet metal shield around the rear u-joint (?) It was either straightened out, or removed altogether. That work cost 80 bucks in labor.

The tailgate handle was broken and I had them fix it. They replaced it with a new genuine Toyota part to the tune of 90 bucks. Jee-zus! It’s plastic for Chry-sakes. Of course the labor about half that price. $90 for a new plastic handle, $50 to install it. 80 bucks for the sheet metal work and inspection. Thank goodness I don’t own an Escalade pickup. (Why were those even made?)

Special congrats to my #1 son and his wife on the birth of their newborn son, Graham. Kid was a 9-pounder with a full head of hair. From the pics we were sent, he’s perfect in every way. Kinda looks like me when I get out of the shower.

The mouse (the one with the wire) arrived yesterday for use with old beater iMac. Next step is to try the password possibles that my son gave me and see if I can log in. If successful, I’ll check the files for those that he may want to save. Then it’s finding a strain of Linux that will work with the machine. There will be a intermediary stop and visit to for directions on hard drive removal and replacement. I have my work cut out for me. Actually, I love doing that shit.

On Sunday, if I don’t get distracted, I’ll update the Weekly Babes from 2012. They’re all there, it just takes some time. The galleries are all there and intact down to 2008, which is a partial. The complete update will takes hours, but I’ll try to make some sense of it all when the job’s finished.

One last thought: this getting old shit sucks. I’m still relatively healthy but my stamina is no longer what it was. Phooey!

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I love doing all this shit. Except getting old. If you can at all avoid it, do so.

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