Frankly speaking

My wife followed me to the auto repair facility where my son works on Wed. We dropped off the Mighty Tundra for a brake job and trekked home in her Chevy Cruze. Jeezus Christ, how the hell do you get in and out of that goddam thing? The seat adjustments are hard to find and they don’t adjust like they should. Getting in is like entering a submarine hatch ass first. Once you’re in, you need a helping hand (come-along) to get out.

The car gets great mileage and the wife doesn’t let the gas gauge get below half-full. Oil changes are a festival. She will schedule an appointment at the dealership where the car was bought and request one special mechanic do the oil change and tire rotation. The mechanic is a childhood friend of our twin boys and is like a part of our family. Of course, she bakes cookies and brownies to bribe gain favoritism and the entire staff at the dealership knows her and anticipates her home cooked goodies. It’s worked out quite well so far. Everyone benefits.

My truck is 15 years old. When I get something fixed on it, I have to bring either a bulging pocketful of cash, a checkbook or a credit card. Ya think it’s too late to learn to bake? Wait… HOMEBREW!!! That just may be the ticket. Get all the mechanics lubricated with homebrew. Nah. Not advisable.

I’ve shackled myself with a new project. I have my #1 son’s iMac G3 computer and I’d like to have it run a strain of Linux. I’ve had some brief experiences with Ubuntu years ago and was able to dual-boot it on one of my Macs. But times have changed. I’m stifled right out of the gate by a log in screen that requires 13-year-old password that I doubt my son remembers. besides that, I need a USB mouse, the kind with a wire.

I have to gather all the information on the computer based on its model number and/or serial number. I need to find out what version of what Linux will run on the machine. Then I need the mouse, the kind with a wire. Yes I know I’ve said that. But after years of languishing in the luxury of wireless keyboards, mice and Bluetooth headphones, the past comes back to haunt.

Elon Musk told a group of governors that we must regulate Artificial Intelligence… and I need a goddam USB mouse. The kind with a wire.

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