F1 POV lap at Monaco

Ayrton Senna onboard lap around Monaco 1990. How these guys can remember the turns in the track is beyond me. Same with the Isle of Man TT guys.

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  1. wickershaw says:

    That’s Senna in a McLaren MP 4/5. It’s a 3.5 liter V10 producing close to 1200 horse power. It is also the last of the normally aspirated engines (turbos were banned the year before). The car has a 6 speed manual transmission. Notice that he drives almost half the lap with one hand. Not only does he remember the corners but, if you ever see one of the races, he puts the car within 6 inches of where it was before lap after lap. In a real sense the drivers remind me of professional golfers who can place the ball exactly where they want it shot after shot. Golfer, of course, has all the time in the world. These guys do it at 150 miles an hour.

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