Summer in Flatland is wonderful even with the rain. Temps in the 80s, patio barbecues and babes in their “keep cool” wardrobes. Of course there are spoilers like flies, gnats and mosquitoes, but it pays to be prepared. Enjoy this weather while it’s here. It’ll turn to shit before you know it.

Nice Pics

Ashley Gellar revisited

Yangshan Deep Water Port in China [2:28]

Robotic Consciousnesses vs Human Conciousnesses [14:05]

Spider with three super powers [3:59]

How sinkholes form [6:40]

An elevator that goes sideways [4:20]

All The Presidents’ Heads [8:16]

Ferris Wheel: How the Eiffel Tower wasn’t good enough [3:10]

Remnant [5:40] – sci-fi short


Zero to Hero [5:10]

Limbless Soldier [0:52]


Dawn Wells – “Sugar Sugar” [2:53]

The Spinners – Rubberband Man [4:41]


Loading the bike on the truck [0:22]

Did he died? [0:23]

Suspension check [0:10]


Date code your beer

Goose Island removed two words from its BCBS labels

New species of yeast

* Jiffs *


Russian Medved shotgun slugs [8:05]

Vinegar rust removal 19 months later [7:21]

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson [4:13]

Off Road Biltrial – Norwegian Cup [7:46]

Red Bull Hare Scramble [4:50]

Favorite Convertibles [8:05] – Muscle Car of the Week

Marking and cutting pro tips [12:31]

Best fight scenes of Ip Man [9:54]

Reviewing Brazilian TV [3:03]

John Fogerty – Hey Tonight [2:32]


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