Frankly speaking

I’ve been combing through the old Next Gen Gallery directory and spending a bit of time downloading files for reposting on the site. Man, there’s a lotta stuff there. It could turn into a part time hobby.

I have recovered 27 old Weekly Babe galleries that were no longer showing up on the site because the plugin got deleted. Not every gallery was recovered. Those from the early years, 2008 and the Blogspot site of 2007 may be gone.

I know you guys find them interesting based on your views. And if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised that what was once old, is now new again and available for viewing. I try to toss them in on Thursdays and Sundays but there is no schedule for their appearance. The old Weekly Babes galleries will get uploaded to the “archive” sometime this week. I’ll have to create new pages on the subdomain and upload the media there. Then, the links on the main site will have to be updated. I’ll get it done soon because I like doing this shit.

I was teased earlier this week by a shiny blue Silverado parked nearby with a FOR SALE sign in the window. I slowed my truck as I passed by to read the sign. 125,000 miles – $6500. I thought about it. The old Mighty Tundra ain’t so mighty in her old age. Kinda like her driver. The brakes need to be replaced, the tailgate handle needs replacing and the left-front wheelwell fender moulding is gone. It fell off during today’s beer run.

I went back to the Siverado today and stopped to read the sign again. What I missed was that it was a 2004 model. Hmm. My truck is two years older and needs a few repairs. The Chevy is two years younger and who knows what’s wrong with it. I decided to forget about it. Sure looked pretty, though.

The latest shit storm that’s coming is new house hunting. I’ll keep you posted as things progress. It’s something that I, as a genuine card carrying old fart, am not looking forward to.

Thanks for stopping by. Reread the last sentence in the third paragraph.

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