Happy Independence Day!

Just like you, the SPT staff and I are taking it easy for this holiday. There are a few pertinent links below for when you just have to take a break from the barbecue and fireworks. Enjoy yourselves today and dammit, be safe.

4th of July Honeys

The history of Independence Day [5:27]

John Adams: Liberty will reign [1:29]

American Empire [6:23]

Slo-mo bottle rocket sounds like something from Star Wars [0:15]


4th of July in Alaska [4:00]

Patriotic chicken [1:03]

Be careful with fireworks

Too much magnesium [1:17]

The accident in San Diego 2012 [0:35] -LOUD!

Bootleg fireworks claims a hand [0:10]

Mexican fireworks factory blows up [1:12]

Billy Buck Roscoe – All American [0:56]
(SPT does not condone the above behavior.)

Stars and Stripes Forever [3:12]

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