Another Sunday and we’re staring down the barrel of a short work week. What sucks though, is that the 4th is on a Tuesday. That would make for a short recovery before work the next day, unless your work has things set up differently. Time to prepare… at least make a list of what you’ll need for Tuesday today. Slinks are down there.

Sail Boston 2017 – The Big Picture

Odd Pics

Illinois’ economy is in the shitter

Hyundai car stunts [9:54]

Great Ball Contraption 2017 [13:26]

Animation of the 2015 ExxonMobil refinery explosion, Torrance CA [7:12]

The Call [5:16] – Volunteer Firefighters

Astronaut rips a handle of the Hubble Space Telescope [5:45]

Popcorn Sutton – Hell in a Handbasket [2:33]

People in Order [3:05] – Age 1 to 100 – fave


Statue of Liability [0:40]

Your printer is a brat [1:36]

Bugs Bunny… “Leopold!” [2:44]


Playing every note exactly once [1:00]

Transformation of Michael Jackson [4:51]

Die Twinnies – Bayernmädels [3:25]


Meteor burns up near Moscow [0:35]

Pigeon stars for the Raiders [0:56]

Don’t swim in this river [0:18]


The Independent Craft Brewer seal

Dogfish Head is first to support the seal

14 beers that won’t get the seal

AB InBev’s surprising, defensive response video

* Jiffs *


Vietnamese sawmill [15:14]

Boxer hid hardened plaster in his gloves [11:16]

All about screws [9:07] – guy knows his shit

Great rally moments [3:17]

MLB – Amazing arms [3:05]

Shooting a solid block of lead [14:46]

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible [6:36] – Muscle Car of the Week

The Hate Tank [5:27]

Rosie Jones [1:11]

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up [4:04]

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